On the Road Back to Healthy

Well, I am back to the land of the living… mostly. After a day of sleeping broken up b breastfeeding and a hacking cough it has been nice to see some sunshine. It seems to be a rule of thumb that Mommy is ALWAYS the last to get sick. Which means the boys are all on their way back to healthy again and VERY unimpressed that I am sick and unable to do things with them. For those of you who know me well – I was sick enough yesterday that I did NOT take any pictures!! Period.. total.. NONE! I am very thankful that today I am feeling more myself, though this hacking cough is so annoying.

In fact, my getting sick proved something to me – we HAVE TO be doing something RIGHT with the boys. Last night when I was vertical enough to have something to eat and feed the baby Zander came up to me complaining because I hadn’t done any schoolwork with him. There is a testament to our homeschooling program working – he was upset about missing time learning. It makes me feel really good that he was upset about our taking a day off… in fact every time I have offered to take a full day off and just have play time they have BOTH said NO. Here’s hoping that voracious wish to continue learning is maintained through out the rest of their lives. Gavin had a pretty nasty meltdown this afternoon so was sent for a needed nap so Zander and busted out a review book (he likes to alternate the harder books with a good review which is fine with me) and we spent a quiet afternoon working on our ABC’s.


I made another birthday card last night. Another Hello Kitty of course (and don’t worry James – if you or Holly are reading this – it is not going to be sent to you as a belated!). I have one more birthday girl in June to make a card for but am torn as to whether or not to take advantage of Karyn’s Cricut and make it with that. After all I have to give it back soon.


We were talking to the owners of the home we are currently in via email last night and it seems that we may have until June 1st to find a suitable place. I am still pushing (as is Ken) to find something by May 1st though. We are ready to move – after all over half the house IS already packed. Poor Trinity and Emanuel are slowly being squeezed out of their rooms by boxes but I do NOT want cardboard boxes stored in the basement with all this lovely weather we are finally having. So much snow yet to melt though!

Stories in the sunshine

I am very glad that I managed to finish the stitch for my sister before I got sick, though this means tonight I have to write the letter for the two of them out in its entirety. I am determined it will go out to the post tomorrow. I will share the finished image AFTER their wedding on the 21st of May. That means I have to move onto the next project – a Christmas Stocking for our god-daughter Anna. I want to include her English AND Chinese names somehow, and make it something a little unique. Thankfully I still have some time. But I am itching to get onto a new stitch project after working on this one.

The rest of my evening is going to be centred on relaxing. It is amazing how a harsh cough can be worse than everything else combined!!! Then back on track next week, or so we hope. OH two days ago after much tears and angry crying Echo FINALLY rolled from back to front, now she is a total monkey rocking back and forth, but only when angry or being changed! Figures.

What Trinity calls "kitty bum"

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