A Rainy Day

So with spring comes spring showers and apparently, this year, still below zero (Celsius) weather??? Seriously, and a projected forecast of some snow in the near future. Gotta love Alberta… or move… or something.

So today we had an inside morning and definitely felt the lacking of our now pretty much scheduled outside playtime. Although Gavin took the kitchen easel as his own crafting centre for the morning and worked hard  to create a masterpiece. According to the artist it is a picture of “just a city”. I have to stop and marvel at the detail he puts into most everything he creates from scratch. He seems to have limitless patience with this sort of thing.

Gavin and his masterpiece

On the other hand, the other 3 big kids were bundles of energy and short on patience. I finally pinned them all down with a series of Spring themed worksheets. I got them from this site in their Printables for Spring section. What I especially liked is that they have a variety of the Counting by mazes. We did  the 1’s and 2’s today and I hope to get them to try out counting by 3’s tomorrow. They were able to get through the 1’s by themselves and past 100 with the 2’s.

Zander working on counting by 2's

The plan tomorrow is to start assembling our lapbook of spring and Easter related worksheets. I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with all the sheets we have been working on the past month. It just doesn’t feel right to do all that work and leave them in a pile or throw them out. So we are going to take them all and put them in the lapbook to save to show they facilitator when he comes for the new school year.

Yesterday Echo started wiggling in a more “get somewhere” manner… no progress yet but we had a bit of a wiggle… BACKWARDS! That and she rolled over onto her front with her cookie and spent what looked like a very frustrating half hour trying to eat it while propped up on her hands. The other kids thought it was hilarious as the cookie would slip away from her and she would get all confused and search for it leaving them to hand it back to her and start the process all over again.

Attempting the cookie eating while on the tummy

I finally got Zander to sit down and start work on HIS story titled Fat Sheep and Mommy. It will be interesting to see what sort of an adventure we get to go on!

Zander's newest page

Echo got her first Arrowroot cookie… I forgot how MESSY these are for little ones with no teeth. She started out in my lap but with her copious cookie dropping I figured the standing toy was safer for my clothing and hands. I forgot how hilarious cookie face is!

Cookie face

Gavin has finished the writing and illustrating of his first story. Daddy and Echo is a bright and fun story, lots of detail and care was put into each and every page! Definitely worth laminating to save for later years.

The End

Ken called Echo’s doctor’s office to check on our referrals today. They have been sent to the various offices and are waiting on call backs with appointments. So at least we are SURE it is in the system and the ball is rolling. Once we hear from each office I am hoping we can ask a list of questions so we are best prepared to go in with info about family, her diet, habits, they may want something more than I have after all.

Tonight was one of our absolute favourite dinners again – beef and gravy on rice. This time we used the “dainty” rice I picked up at Bulk Barn. Even with our larger slow cooker we never have any leftovers, but wow is it lovely and filling and PERFECT for a chilly day.

Family dinner

So life continues here in the Reinsch-Johnson home. And some of the upset and frustration falls away. After all we are still living our life the way we always have just a few extra steps… tomorrow I am going to attempt to explain what a shoebox diorama is to Gavin, get Zander working on his next story page and attempt to spur everyone along to packing up MORE of the toys we have around the house… faces are being made whenever I suggest it lately… time to start the big push to our move…

Seriously Daddy... SERIOUSLY?????

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  1. You didnt get the snow but we did in Airdrie and Calgary. Thankfully it quit before I was done class.

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