Welcome Weekend

Ok so I got lazy on the blogging yesterday, BUT we had a family walk (to the gas station of course) and on the way back we stopped off at one of the parks for the kids to run out some of that excessive spring energy. Sadly Trinity is not a fan of the sand interacting with her new sandals (courtesy of our traditional Easter gift from Grandma.).

Sandals and all

It is so wonderful to have the sun without snow… the weather was lovely, to the point where we can turn OFF the heat in the house. A little chilly in the mornings but we just put on sweaters and keep busy. GreatĀ  time to do the chores, send the kids outside to run around or in the basement to scream their hearts out. Trinity LOVES wearing different sweaters… she is such a little fashionable little thing.

Helping push the double stroller

A Teeter totter?

Gavin on the slide

We did do a stack of Spring themed worksheets (and didn’t get our lapbooks started…) All of the sheets I chose for Friday were off of the EnchantedLearning site. I have to say it is SO worth the yearly membership!

I took the pictures off the wall in the livingroom and Trinity’s room… the house is starting to feel less and less like home. Taking down the baby photos is a HUGE thing for me. We had made the decision NOT to put up Echo’s just for this reason. So now our walls are working towards bare… all that is left is the homeschooling stuff… I have their 1-16 numbers up (I do have to 20 but ran out of wall space), our names all laminated, and of course our Spring/Easter wall. I figure over the next week I will slowly take it all down because the room is already feeling like it has a new echo (is educating Echo on what an echo is going to be FUN or what?).

There is the potential for the owners of the house to be getting in some construction people to do work on their basement in the upcoming month (if they can find someone available that is) so I have made the executive decision to bring the boys upstairs to share Emanuel’s bedroom. This has meant packing up the last of the toys in Emanuel’s room as well as sped along my packing of the livingroom/kitchen. We have one of the twin’s couches upstairs in Emanuel’s room (moving the bookcase in there out to the livingroom and moreĀ  toys into boxes) which works for the boys to share or they can share the big bed with Emanuel. Already this has made bedtime more… exciting… prolonged… noisy… BUT by the end of the weekend a portion of the basement should be empty, cleaned and off my list!

I told them to fold out the couch to a bed...

We had hail today… the twins were out over naptime for the little ones and came in saying it was raining… went out to check and they were being pegged by some hail! Better than snow!

Hiding from the hail

We have survived another mini growth spurt courtesy of Miss Echo, and this time it seems to be weight over length. She is firmly into her 3-6 months clothes (excepting the odd US brand that was big on Trinity let alone wee Echo). I have embraced the idea that she is going to be in smaller pieces longer and am going to have to hunt down some used/unwanted but good condition little girl clothes as our Trinity went through this phase quickly and in a different season. I am hoping to avoid the more expensive new clothing route… I am hoping I can go through my 6-9’s and find items that are on the small size. Once we get moved I am going to do some Kijiji hunting in our new local. Right now I can’t pick anything up which makes it VERY hard to do any Kijiji shopping. Grrr.

Nom noms

Last night to make up for a cancelled walk to the park (too windy) the kids got to stay up WAY past their bedtime and watch movies with popcorn (we picked up popcorn at the gas station). We started with Megamind but it scared Trinity so switched over to two of our Veggie Tales DVD’s. Amazingly enough Trinity was up at the crack of dawn anyway! (And cranky by noon!)

Watching Veggie Tales

With the weather being iffy, Emanuel’s room to clean up and other random chores we really didn’t get much done… but tomorrow should be fun with a trip to McDonald’s for ice cream, maybe some cookies to bake and of course the backyard to sort through we will definitely keep busy!!

Asleep at the park note the residual cookie on the nose

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  1. Lisa,I was just fooling around with facebook& came across your entry. I knew from Lorraine that you had another baby but never heard the name birthdate etc. When you have time send me an email and I will add it to our our family history. come to think of it I don’t have that kind of info on Trinity so please? They are all so cute ! Bet you are busy all the time.all the best, aunt Eva

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