And the Week Goes On

So this morning was a write off for yours truly. I woke up at a relatively early hour with a rather severe headache which prompted Ken to send me back to bed. Thankfully the kids were more than content to use their morning to first burn off piles of energy in the basement running circles and playing in their box club house we made them out of the two boxes the twins’ fold out couches (or as Zander called them transformer beds) came in.

Then Ken sat them at the blue table to spend some creative time. I love it when they can spend time together creatively without excessive tears and sensibilities.

Gavin and his art (Zander made something for me I can't see yet)

Emanuel and his piece

Two pieces!

In the afternoon we sorted out all the spring themed worksheets, drawings, etc. and put them into our lapbooks. There was a lot of creative placement, staples and trimming of papers to make it all fit but we got it done. That is another thing off of our pre-move list. Tomorrow Zander has to work on his story and Gavin his shoe box. I have an idea for his door he requested but he and Ken still need to work out the bed and dresser.


All done

We have cut out pretty much all tv watching for the day and ALL of it in the morning for the next while. While we do control strictly what they watch and limit already they are whining and fighting over shows way too much for my liking. I still have our daily Word World and Cyberchase and a Handy Manny or two for the little ones but other than that… GO OUTSIDE. Although today was rather windy.

Poor Echo has been overwhelmed lately with helpful siblings. I am trying to get them to stop giving her everything all the time… why should she even try crawling when it all comes to her? On the other hand she has become a pro at gumming those cookies and playing in our standing toys. She has grown enough lately that we are looking at raising up the seats on them.

Standing Tall

I have made a deal with the twins – if they can behave for the evening AND for the morning as soon as the younger ones go for their nap it will be chocolate chip cookie time! We are trying out a different recipe – I didn’t want to use a ton of butter so I found a dairy free version that we are going to use regular chocolate chips with. I will share the recipe after we give them a go… if they work out!

I am finding that the more excited Ken and myself get about our move the more the kids either act out or get excited. Sadly the acting out is still firmly in Zander’s hands… but I am trying to be as patient as possible and when I get overwhelmed with issues with him taking deep breaths and getting a moment to myself. I know that he is a stubborn boy but he can be such a sweet boy too… when he wants to be.

So headache is still there but receding, kids in bed and house quiet… now is as good a time as ever to stitch stitch stitch.

Asleep at the switch?

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