The Last Monday…

It really wasn’t until late into the night that it really hit me – we ARE moving… OUT of the city… AWAY from the place we have been for over 3 years, and I was surprised at the LACK of sadness over that. That is not to say that there aren’t people, places and a few things I will miss, but we WILL be back to visit (July for sure for Echo’s appointments and TWICE potentially in August again for medical for the kids… and those are the already planned dates). There are some wonderful opportunities for us at this new place – a chance to set up our home to be homeschool friendly first and foremost, being closer to ALL of my cousins on my mom’s side as well as a nice portion of our family on my dad’s, living in the same city once again as Karyn (a big plus) and Fydo and Kristen (another huge YAY)… Zander is still my lone hold out on the move excitement, but I am hoping that having the room back to just him and Gavin will help as will the new set up for our schooling. From the pictures and Ken’s description we will have lovely big windows sending sun right onto our lessons which is going to be absolutely WONDERFUL.

Today was definitely a kick the kids outside sort of day. I found some water guns from last year that I am hoping they will play with until the break so I can toss them and gave them a bowl of water and said – go nuts. Of course there have been squabbles and then issues with the cheap toys but they seemed to have enjoyed it. In the meantime, I spent some time in the boys’ room bagging up their dress clothes (cheap garbage bags for the win).

Water guns

We made some time in our afternoon to do the 5th chapter in our book where you actually first face the fact that the swan Louis is unable to make noise. Today’s follow up was just to draw a picture of the Cob and Louis attempting to confirm that he really doesn’t have a voice. Gavin is still totally into rainbows right now!

Finished pictures

The twins have been great about helping me box up stuff… although equally as proficient at taking things out when I  turn my back. We have finally given up on organized and decided chaos is best – just get it packed and out of the way is the big plan right now. Well out of the house! The hope is that once we get to the new place we find things we forgot we have BUT need… I would love to be able to save us some money by ensuring we DON’T buy things we already have. As well as going through out excess and putting it up on Kijiji. So much easier than a garage sale!

With whispers of mail strike every cheque and every little piece of positive post we get is an absolute joy. Today it was my last Hello Kitty purchase off eBay – another 2.00 one but this time for ME! It is a cm only measuring tape to replace the one I had bought from the Dollarstore and the kids lost SOMEWHERE in the house. It was starting to break too so I did need a replacement eventually anyway.

Hello Kitty

The van is officially repaired and at almost 20.00 UNDER the quoted amount. Very exciting for a family that has, in the past, been cursed with what we are starting to think were DEMON vans. Now we just have to get Ken over to the mechanic’s to pick it up.

Echo and Trinity are going through the bug now… no throwing up or anything just ill… Echo cranky and Trinity lots of pull ups. BUT it looks like we are burning through this in record time. Sadly today was SEAN’S turn to be sick though he made it through his shop stuff for school. Lucky on our side that he is sick now and NOT yesterday but the poor man!

The kids are keyed up about everything, and Ken and I are WORN out… but we are getting ready to go! Adventure here we come!

In the sun


Busy baby

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