Sick… Enough Said

So it is the adults’ turn to be sick today which has slowed the process of getting things done to a complete crawl. The kids were less than sympathetic and Echo herself was under the weather. This combined with having to wait for Sean to have the time after his school day to take Ken to collect our van (which drives lovely now!) has postponed Echo’s re-take on the bloodwork to tomorrow. Our local lab which has her requisition closed at 4pm!

Ken was still able to be busy on the phone and get our hook ups set up. Tomorrow I hope to get the forms to have our mail forwarded while we change addresses. Hopefully the talks they are having right now will postpone or completely remove the reason for striking with the postal workers.

Somewhat sick or not Ken was off this evening to help Ted move into his new condo. Such a busy end of May/beginning of June! I have taken some time this evening to start packing up our spices and such. I simply cannot see making large and complicated meals in the few days we have left here.

Now to do what little I can and get some decent rest!!!

Cutest Boo Boo

5 thoughts on “Sick… Enough Said

  1. Glad the van is fixed. Sorry to hear you were sick, hope you and hubby are feeling better.

  2. I know!!! AND the AC works marvellously in this van, our newer van that we had all the issues with never did work 100%. Both of us are better today, good thing as we have TWO DAYS to get EVERYTHING done!!!

  3. Hi there!

    I found your blog through your profile on another site. You’ve read and commented on some of my “weird” stuff and I thought I’d return the favor. haha! (I go by a different name when I’m not writing for that site, since the fact that I write that kind of clap-trap is a big huge secret.)

    You sound like a very busy, very happy person. And you have a beautiful family. I’m impressed!

    Good luck with your move. Having just completed a move I know how tiring that is. And I only had ONE kid to deal with!


  4. 🙂 I do pretty much interconnect everything I do! Thanks for all the lovely compliments. I do my very best to be as happy as possible. Some days are WAY easier than others! We have gotten INTO our place now we have to make it a place we can LIVE IN.

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