We Really Are Home

One’s life is a compilation of decisions, action, opinions and emotions… it is amazing how you create your own path (whether you are aware or not) with each movement and breath. The path Ken and I are on now is definitely focused on our little (or not so little) family. I know I want out path to be the best path FOR US and we work hard each day to accomplish this. I am VERY proud of how hard Ken works for us and feel very blessed.

Today was a bit of a slow day as Zander was misbehaving and got sent to his room for a 30 min break which led to him falling asleep! (a definite sign that he NEEDED to sleep, falling asleep so easily) Gavin and I took the time to finish up his Canadian lapbook. A very simple Currclick file. Tomorrow the plan is for me to sit down with Zander and do his.

Gavin at work

Gavin also took the time and coloured a map of Canada (and the US) that I found online. He coloured his to match the puzzle I bought them at Dollarama a month or two ago. We are getting pretty sorted out on the country/province/city concept. Next is our phone number and address. Next month I also need to get us back to days/months etc… oh and TIME!

Gavin's is the lower map

We read our next chapter in our chapter book but have misplaced our previous chapter’s pictures. A mildly frustrating thing, but I am sure we will sort it out. Right now when the boys set something down where it is NOT supposed to be it is a bit of a confusion to find it afterwards.

Completed pictures

I did up a couple more bows last night waiting for Ken to get home (he was VERY late). I still haven’t gotten to the ones for the August wedding, but I will!

Two more bows

We picked up our watermelon for Canada Day today… I am thinking we will stay mostly at home on the 1st but get out to something early in the day. Now if I could just get my camera to behave! Nothing devastating, just a bit of dirt causing issue. But I DO love my camera!

Miss T

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