The Last Post Before Wedding Stuff Starts…

Only one more sleep the Grandma’s house, or so I am told! And the calendar agrees. The kids are all VERY excited about going to visit Grandma and Grandpa Mike… oh and the wedding… BUT mainly the visiting of grandparents. The boys were told yesterday that a tent is being pitched in the backyard at Grandma’s and now are fired up completely. They have been wanting to go camping all month and we simply have not unearthed enough of our tent to put it together and do so. There are so many people potentially crashing at mom’s on the Saturday night (and quite a few on Friday) that their sleeping in the tent (the boys) frees up space. 


Today felt more hectic than it actually was. When the energy of the kids is so high they always get more frantic with the schooling so I had 3 boys all wanting my help AT ONCE… we managed to get it down to some sort of a system. Have at least ONE kid on something he can do solo or with minor assistance and the other two took turns. Emanuel is hot to do his dot-to-dot book – it was a garage sale find of Uncle Wayne’s that had a few done already but that has not deterred him. We pulled out completed pages (completed on both sides) and made sure he put his name on each one he competed. They have been pulled out and put into his special folder. But today he finished with his own choice – working on writing the numbers up to 11 all by himself. Well with the help of our math office (which I notice needs a minor repair – one of the pages fell off, silly weak packing tape) and his brothers from time to time. 

Today the subject of choice really was Math today. The twins were hard at work on their workbooks. I have to admit that helping them both, chasing Echo, listening to Trinity, tearing out pages for Emanuel AND talking on the phone with the bride to be was a little… complicated…  but we managed. 

Working the numbers

Well the shoe bucket was unearthed and pairs found… the final result? Well Gavin is going to need new shoes  before winter (church wear) and that gives Emanuel and new pair but Trinity – no luck, I DID find a pair of size 9’s that will fit her… later… but not anything for NOW. So while Ken ran out with Trinity to do a preliminary hunt the boys, Echo and I cleaned up the backyard. Pool was emptied, bikes tidied, lid put on sandbox… and of course pictures of Echo taken. This time with her big brother’s Peterbuilt hat – Zander’s god-daddy Andy works for them! And is he ever proud of that hat! 


The packing is well underway… of course things are not where you would think (I am hunting down bags still), and the list keeps getting longer of necessities. And then there are little bits and such that are specific to the wedding – a booster chair for Echo, all the clothing that is here (the rest already at mom’s)… but we will manage!

The new shoes are ADORABLE… 

So sweet

Karyn and I ran some errands, packaged up a wedding gift and worked on my packing tonight. Ken is still hoping to be out the door around naptime tomorrow so there is lots to do TONIGHT. At least the backyard is tidy and the livingroom under somewhat control. The kids even vacuumed the rooms for me yesterday! 

Those left behind... in the backyard

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