A Ceremonial Ceremony

So where did I leave off?? Hmm getting to the “church” on time… well we did one better – an hour early! With all the kids involved and He Chris’ stepdad having had a couple heart attacks the day before and only out on a 2 hour pass we figured it was best to be SUPER early and prepared. Sadly that is where the organization and MacLean time ends… but the fun continued.

The bride's arrival in style

The decorated car in the sunlight

We found a little corner to hide the bride in while we waited for the time and then we… waited. The groom’s mother ended up WAY behind schedule (she was in charge of the wedding cake/cupcakes as well!) but his stepfather made it! I got a lovely picture of She Chris with him before the ceremony.

I think his name is George

The kids were a wee bit bored… ok VERY bored but we managed to keep them occupied with our multitude of baby wranglers and some colouring books I picked up at Dollarama on Thursday.

Waiting a bit

With the bride

The JP (Justice of the Peace) was lovely, but she had another wedding at 3pm so she waited as long as she could for the mother of the groom but the show had to go on. Things went rather well though mom had to steal Emanuel’s shirt cord for the handfasting as the mother of the groom was also going to do that. All in all it was a lovely ceremony.

So sweet

The signing... Sean was making me laugh about the first dance so hard I thought I would cry

After the ceremony it was onto pictures. Luckily the missing parent was collected and there to be a part of that.

Captain Morgan anyone?

A close up of Petite Sheepette for those interested. That is Mae's arm

Echo and Daddy

Ken and I took some time and with Karyn’s help as well I got some special pictures of my dress while waiting for the rest of the people to arrive. It was hot and the kids fussy.

Seated with flowers


A little ethereal

With Ken's cloak

OH the anachronistic ladies! Here they are!! Beauties all 3!

So lovely

But we got some lovely shots. And when the bride and groom were done with us we headed off for much needed and earned slurppees at 7-11. Where, of course, I got out of the car in front of someone I recognized from high school (name escapes me)… but at least I got my pepsi slurpee!


There was another hour before the dinner was scheduled to start so we hung out in the hall again waiting on the bride and groom. Ken had a nap of course!

Napping on the floor

Dinner actually ended up starting a little late BUT it did get under-way eventually. A bit unconventional… the speeches (the few there were) were BEFORE dinner… mine as well. But then finally food! The kids seemed pleased though the table of cupcakes was screaming for them to touch quite loudly I am told! 

Fat Sheep enjoyed the event from the headtable as well with her date Mae. There was much hilarity and boisterousness from that corner of the table! She was amazing, Mae… with a dress malfunction we were able to head off at the pass she was able to deal with it all with great humour. Though she says the Chrises now owe her BIG TIME as she is not a dress kinda girl and pretty much burnt herself to a socket through out the evening. Fat Sheep REALLY enjoyed her time with her lovely date! 

Fat Sheep and her lovely date

I love love LOVE this picture of Mae!

After dinner was some random visiting… then after much urging the cutting of the cake… we had to do some more waiting before the dance but the kids decided to get the party started on their own. Trinity especially was quite the little dancer! 


Just a picture I thought was cute

After the bride and groom dance we had the bridal party and then we were free!!! I changed into a different dress as mine weighed a ton… there is ONE picture that I have of it… the polka dot one. I swear I felt almost naked!

You can just see the other dress on the right

After dancing and sending Echo home with mom, taking the rest of the kids home in the  van and cars where their seats were those of us staying at mom’s headed out to the liquor store for some supplies and then stayed up late into the evening hanging out, drinking and generally enjoying the evening. No pictures of that, but trust me fun was had though we all trickled off to bed in the end… some of us earlier than others (the latest being up until past 4 am!!). I actually drank a bottle of Boones (less a glass Ken spilled before any of us were even buzzed!) and a jello shooter my cousin bought me (a new thing for me). So when Echo woke up in the middle of the night it was her sippy of water and back to bed for her! No nursing until later the next day. But it was fun. I especially enjoyed getting to know Jocelyn better and looking through everyone’s pictures!!! I am sure once I get other people’s images I will have some to share of things I talked about here that I did not have a picture for! But that was THE day! And what a day it was! 

Esther and her adopted brood...

Had to share this picture of one of the little guests!

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