1000th POST!

Well that snuck up on me! I started somewhat seriously blogging back when our Emanuel was born… but it has not been until the kids seriously started their schooling with Preschool level fun that I have been at all consistent and here I am… 1000 entries later! We have met some wonderful people through this blog, had some lovely gifts received, sent some ourselves and shared our lives with all of you. This is definitely a boost to keep on blogging! BUT numbers like this really only mean something to the blogger… now to bring something to the reader… 

In honour of my 1000th post I am going to do a draw. Let’s start with the prize – the winner of a random number generated draw will  get to chose a subject to be made into a feltie that will be designed by myself and Ken, stitched by me and then mailed to you! Of course any thing within reason! Felties ARE only around 2-4 inches tall so some details are simply not easily created! I am going to give everyone a week… please ONE entry per person. Now to enter – all you need to do is make a comment on THIS entry. You need to leave your name and your email address and then share either why you read and/or follow my blog, what you have taken from my entries, anything you want to share in regards to our stories or activities, or even just a little bit about yourself and where you are from. In the next few entries on here I will link back to this specific blog for commenting just to make things simple. You have until the following Friday – the 11th, to enter and the winner will be announced on Monday the 14th! 

Ok with that out of the way back to our daily lives… today we woke up to this!!!


Thank goodness I had gone through the winter clothes last week, and picked up a coat off of Kijiji for Emanuel. I am just short a pair of snowpants for Emanuel size 6-7 as we ALWAYS buy big for the winter gear. I am hoping to find something on Kijiji, Freecycle or an affordable pair in a store… the problem is FINDING something. 

The first snow of the year was enjoyed by 4 of our 5… Echo woke up with a runny nose and I had the distinct impression that packing her into her snowsuit and plopping her in the snow would NOT be welcome. You do tend to forget over the warmer months, how much work it is to get kids out the door geared up and this was WITHOUT the snowpants!

Ready to go outside

With a house full of guys and their computers on the way it has been a cleaning day for me. Ken also had to head back to the city to pick up Jeff and his oldest Zachary at the airport. They were able to come up from California for the party and then on to spend time with their family up here in Alberta. 

Post travel nap

The rest of our day went pretty much up in the air come afternoon, thank goodness for ongoing sewing projects, Starfall on the netbook and Legos. I am determined to spend some time on mice in the near future as well as collect the last of my snowflake books from the library to get started on our next big focus. 

I am spending the rest of my evening moving all of our homeschooling links and files to ONE laptop. Not an easy task as I have been collecting stuff for years. I hope to expand my links on my side bar and share some of my best finds over the month. With a house full of people and the children in bed it is definitely time to get back to work on my own projects! Remember to leave a comment for the draw and thank you for reading! 

Teaching Echo the Gobble Up game... sort of

18 thoughts on “1000th POST!

  1. I love to see what is happening in your life. How your children are doing, My Daughter loves playing on the links/game that are posted. They have helped with her learning. My comment/entry would be about….. In 1989 think it would be grade 4 or 5 we had to write a short story. Lisa wrote about a princess who married the prince of her dreams. (I cant remember the whole story) Then they had twins…… When I re-united with Lisa on FB and seen she had twins I remembered this story and looked back in the year book that it was posted in. And so surprised how a story cam to be real life, and how they are so much alike. Now I cant find it…mmm. But am so pleased to still be in touch and be friends with someone from way back. But as soon as I find that story, I am for sure going to type word for word out and post it :)…. Lisa would u remember this story???? 😉

  2. Hey Lisa – Please don’t enter me in your great draw although I really do love your felties. I actually just wanted to congratulate you on your 1000th post 🙂 I’ve enjoyed ‘watching’ from afar & mainly enjoy how you & yours are doing sooo well with homeschooling. Your kiddos are so sweet & growing up so quickly! I think it’s great that all of you get to have such interesting times together. By the way – not sure if you rec’d it but I sent you some links about snowflakes.

    re the comment from your friend – Toooo funny about the story you wrote when you were younger!

  3. there are too many for me to find my favorite one. I follow you course well your one of my best friend and its a way for us to keep up with the going on around your place. been fallowing you since 2009.the ones i love the best are about the girls and the trouble the boys get in to

  4. I follow this because Lisa’s craft ideas are intriguing and she’s nifty. I also like puppies, candlelight dinners, and walks on the beach. I do not like candlelight dinners of puppies on the beach.

  5. I follow your blog and love it for many reasons. As an ex-primary school teacher I find all the topics about homeschooling facinating. It’s something that rarely happens in the U.K. and I have no experience of it and don’t know anyone who does. However most of all I just like reading about what the children are doing.
    As a side note a nun in teacher training college told us not to call the children “kids” because where she came from kids are baby goats! LOL She’s still alive but not too well these days. Sr. Patrick. She was lovely but I have to say I don’t always follow her advise. ;>) Back to your children. It’s just lovely being able to watch them thrive and grow. It’s like my little family in Canada.
    I just have to say something – Trinity’s hair is getting sooooooo long. It’s beautiful. Please don’t ever cut it.

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  7. You know…. sounds VERY familiar… and now I will have to look for the year book… or in my memory containers… If you find it I would love to see!! And if I find it I WILL post it!! Thank you so much for writing!!!

  8. Oh I am 100% behind you on the no cutting of her hair!! And now that she sits still to braid!! GORGEOUS!

  9. I read these because it gives me a glimpse into motherhood, a creative mind, and a loving family unit. You and your family inspire me and I think your children are adorable, your crafts are awesome and your husband extremely loving. And if course Lisa, you are a very special person and a wonderful mother. 🙂 If I ever have children … well yeah. 🙂 Someday I will make it up with Kathy to come visit!

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  11. Hi Lisa!

    I read your post EVERY day because it always makes me smile and is a lovely way to start my mornings. I love reading about the adventures your family manages to find itself in. And I can read it from work so it makes for a nice break!

    I think it is amazing that you are willing to share many of the personal details about your life and your homeschooling trials and I believe there are a lot of people out there that gain strength knowing someone else in this world fights against the same problems as they do. I hope you keep blogging for many years to come and I will keep on reading as long as you keep writing!

  12. I read your blog because I am family and if i didn’t i would hear about it from you your mother and my mother as well. And i love to see whats going on with your family since I can’t be around all the time to see whats going on.

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  15. Hi Lisa. Have been a fan of your blog since Emmanuel had curly hair if not longer. I so enjoy reading your daily routine with your family which brings back memories of what I would do with my girls. I have watched your children grow via your blog from Emmanuel having his first hair cut, toilet training, the announcement of your pregnancies with both Trinity and Echo, watching them grow inside of you, awaiting your announcement of their birth, not to mention watching them grow in each of their stages of their young lives. Have now seen Trinity being totally potty trained and so proud of her. Watched as you struggled with all of Echo’s “so called” health issues in some eyes of the public. To me, Echo is perfect and unique as are every child.
    With Trinity being a Hello Kitty fan, both you, with your postings and showing just how much Trinity loves her, my oldest has now become a Hello Kitty fan, NOT to mention Ebay buyer. She is the proud owner of a Hello Kitty purse, IPhone case(several I may add) and a few other items.

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  18. Your felties are super cute. I really liked the idea of using them on headbands. Keep up the good work.

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