Crafty Family Yet Again

With every day a crafty day we have been keeping busy, but Saturday was a SPECIAL crafting day for the boys and Ken. They went to the museum and art gallery for the drop in art program and made shapes out of Plasticine. Each of them left something for the group display, in fact, Zander left ALL of his. Makes me wish I had sent a camera with them, but I DO have a picture of the pieces that came home. We are waiting on them to dry and then some will go on the tree, some in gifts and some on dressers. 

Finished sculptures

Because the boys got to go out Trinity and I went to the store (when they got back) and got slurpees! She was a little put out that there was no pink but we managed. With a picture on the “picture bench” of course! It was around +5 (Celsius) Saturday too! So the sidewalks were a wee bit icy in patches.

Too cute

Today we got our run down on what is going on for the Sunday School Christmas pageant. This year is going to be rather simple and over by 2pm. We are having sandwiches and juice at noon and then once everyone is done eating heading upstairs to the sanctuary for a little talent show and THEN is the pageant. Gavin gets to be Joseph! The twins are doing a section of the verses… Ken is working with them on that one and the little ones get to be angels. It should be VERY cute and short! BUT I am looking forward to it. One of the superintendents stepped down from running the Sunday School very recently so it has been a scramble. After Echo is through her surgery I am looking forward to helping out more, but I do not want to commit too much and then have to cancel on a Sunday due to getting our date. We only get a 2 week notice! 

Emanuel and Trinity learning their part

That reminds me of some important and exciting mail we got this month – the geneticist has determined that Echo is negative on everything and simply is – of small stature! In other words, no syndromes, no ailments… just a bitty girl growing at her own speed! I cannot express my relief on that one! I am going to scan the paper and have multiple copies made up… this is the tail end of a 6+ month saga of trying to get through to the world that SOME babies are JUST LITTLE! 

Just little and just perfect

There is a curriculum sale at Currclick tomorrow. So be sure to check this link, there will be some freebies as well! 

Anyway… we had a family focused, crafty weekend and it was so much fun! So now I am hoping we can end November (and start December) with a continuing trend. I know I have no choice but to craft myself!  

Yup teeny tiny feet

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