Starting the Week

Late nights and a lack of naps caught up with our Trinity. While her face may be sweet her¬†temperament has NOT been! She did have a nice long afternoon nap but I think tonight and tomorrow’s nap are what it is going to take to make her sweet disposition return! In the meantime we have continued on with our Christmas preparations.¬†

He was so proud that he managed to write his whole name... BACKWARDS

I have a whole folder of laminated activity sheets… worksheets… etc that I printed out last year that the kids dumped on the blue table and went crazy with. You can find great examples at EnchantedLearning and ActivityVillage. Seriously, our laminator was one of our best purchases in our first financed year of homeschooling!

I made up some candy wrapper barrettes from wrappers I saved over the summer. I am still trying to get them onto the clips the way I want. I used Gorilla glue for now as I don’t have anything else with that kind of sticking power for paper and metal. I just don’t think hot glue will do it! The two I have finished are on French barrettes. I found that the wrappers can be tricky, I made 4 or 5 and liked two… though Ken says I am over critical.

One done

We have started another craft, I thought we had green popsicle sticks but all we could hunt down were brown ones so out came the green paint. I will share the entire craft with you tomorrow when we finish assembly post paint drying.

I am still a little shocked as to how close Christmas is. We still do not have much planned but that is mainly based on the van repair… this week… I hope! We do plan to be at my mom’s for Christmas Eve though… no matter what… I am told. So instead if you are in the neighbourhood feel free to contact me and we can visit! I am not sure how many Christmas cards I really WILL send this year, ours are not yet here and I am, it seems, always late with them out anyway. I figure I will send some and then hold onto others and give them as I see people…. maybe? If you ARE a sender… please contact me for my current address instead of using our old one… we do not have mail forwarding!

Not sure if she is about to pout or not here

We had another exciting Freecycle find… I posted about sleds and received TWO today – a two seater and a saucer. The kids took a peek at them and are VERY pleased. Now if the snow would just stop melting… we get some on the ground and then it turns to slush the next day! No skates yet but I am looking.


And now I really should get back to the crafting… time is ticking!

ALMOST walking SOLO!

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