Christmas Cheer Achieved and Shared

Christmas party had come and gone and was a lovely success… we filled our home with friends and some family, children and food… oh and PRESENTS!! Hmm guest list, I am sure you are all wondering! Lots of familiar names… first was Cousin Veronika and her Adam (nice and early – COUSIN TIME!), though of course the night before was Ted and Sean. Then Karyn, Kristen and Fydo… Alan and Xinny and their 3 (Izaac is so TALL!), Lauralee and of course ESTHER. Kathy called to send her regrets (she was getting over a cold) and He Chris was late (car trouble) while She Chris had to work. Definitely a FULL house! 

Babies on the floor

Gavin and Alex playing on Uncle Ted's iPad

Pre present photo

Some of the girls

We did up a potluck and had a large variety of food – everything from candy sushi (made by the amazing Karyn) to “ducklings” by Xinny (Chinese dumplings) and  two slow cooker items, a Japanese salad… oh and the chocolates and not to be forgotten deviled eggs AND homemade orange chocolate croissants!! We were well treated. I have to say the table was over full. Not a person went unfed, and I think most were OVER fed. 

Candy Sushi!

Chocolate candy cane cake

Presents were the usual chaos of wrappings, squeals and confused parents. BUT it seems like everyone was well pleased. Veronika and Adam had Santa’s number and found out what the Christmas wishes were and got each kid the thing off of their list!!! There were hand made scarves and more chocolates… boardgames, oh the list goes on and on! 

The inside joke present

Echo with jelly fish

Opening presents!

Lego! We were told Star Wars is the BEST Lego!

We had some stay later than others and left a lovely mess to face in the morning but it was all worth it! With less than a week until Christmas this was my largest and most exciting commitment. Every year we try to host a party and this year it was a full house. And now we work towards the next adventure – our first trip to Grandma’s in a long time! Months actually! It will be an interesting pack as we are going for multiple days and the current van (no repaired) is not a large one. I do miss my stow and go. 

Hanging with Santa... Sheep??

Pre drive nap

This is one of Zander's favourite pictures

I got some interesting mail today… beyond the no loner lives here letters I also got a Christmas card from my cousin, his wife and their adorable baby boy! AND a package – another one from the UK!! This one was beautifully decorated by the daughter of the house. Another package to hide from the kiddos of course. But I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends. 

Such a lovely illustration

I love their family picture!

Now to deal with the rest of the month, the non Christmas related stresses, the Christmas ones… they all bundle together and have managed to wear me down. BUT some time with a wonderful friend (Karyn of course), a trip to mail an envelope, visiting the library and other random fun has helped the smile back on my face. The nap in the afternoon during the Uno tournament helped the stress relief along. Although choosing to nap on the couch in front of said tournament was not the brightest choice! 

Pre Karyn Uno warm up

Post tournament dance party

It is odd not to have a million commitments to my time though a few rare things are outstanding. We have not done much by the way of homeschooling lately, just our Advent colouring BUT tomorrow we will probably catch up on our Bible verses. They were so over done from the day before’s party that really settling them to learning was not possible. 

Of course I got lazy and chose bath and library book over resizing pictures… so this is being posted the next day (oops) and will be followed by ANOTHER blog post! Sorry all… Christmas is almost here and I am determined to squeeze some relaxation here and there anyway! Merry Almost Christmas! Enjoy the Christmas video! Sorry just one for two days!

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