Boxing Day Reinsch-Johnson Style

For those of us in Canada it was Boxing Day on the 26th… which for our family means and additional fun day. We do not do the sale shopping or rush out to buy key items but instead stay home and have fun with the gifts we received at Christmas! Oh and eat left overs… lots and lots of left overs! 

Baby dolly... if it is hard to tell the real one is on the right hehe

I am sure you can imagine the chaos that is 5 over stimulated small children in a house full of new toys! It was not until past 2 pm when the word of Daddy came down and they FINALLY cleaned up AND settled down. Echo had a LONG nap in the afternoon, surprisingly so did Trinity and Emanuel! The twins even spent a couple hours in their room holed up with their new toys. Gavin has decided that he is an artist since not only did Mommy and Daddy get him an art set but his Aunty Holly and Uncle James got him a lovely paints set! 

Trinity with her new hairclips

Emanuel and I spent some time making a penguin - note the massive amount of MARKERS on his hand!


Our evening was still rather festive. Ice cream party! Well, for the adults. Kristen and Fydo had forgotten ice cream that Fydo and Ken had purchased the weekend of the party over here so instead of trucking it back we had a mini party. A great way to end the few days Ken had off. He told his contracts he would only be available for EMERGENCIES and did have to explain to one (Canadian?? silly people) company that it was Boxing Day so NO he was not going to do regular work… that does NOT qualify as emergency, sorry.


...and ice cream

We made a decision for next Christmas already – we plan on doing a 100% handmade gifting Christmas. So the goal is to have EVERYTHING we give people be made by us… can we do it? 

2 thoughts on “Boxing Day Reinsch-Johnson Style

  1. Happy Holidays! Wowzers – that was a ton of writing you did! How sweet it is for you & yours that the New Year is already looking good. ‘Have too many comments to write here so will send you a personal email soon. ‘Just had to tell you that the lil ones looked like they were having a great time 🙂 and the stockings you made them are priceless! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them all in one place together (just step by step as the last ones were being stitched…lol) Lucky kiddos!

  2. They were a lot of work but I am so glad I invested the time!! Sadly the past 3 days have not been too blog worthy BUT I am hoping to have LOTS of new things to share in the new year!!!!

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