The Day Before…

Definitely did NOT start the day off in an auspicious manner. I was up late last night so Ken could get in a nap and work in the wee hours to meet some deadlines… so I woke up off and tired only to go upstairs and find that all the time I had spent cleaning was undone. The kids were VERY industrious. And then in passing I peeped in my purse to find that 20.00 had gone missing! Well by that point I was in tears… Thankfully Echo needed a nap so with the new Blue’s Clues thanks to Freecycle I hid in the bathtub for a nice long pity party with a (what turned out to be surprisingly) good book. So not the best morning full of schooling though they did enjoy solving the mysteries with Blue with their little siblings. 

Emanuel has started working with a different way of creating art… basically he has stumbled upon a very basic form of pointillism. He was so proud of his first picture and then today decided that was how he wanted to colour a dragon! He is very patient though was thoroughly unimpressed with my notion that he NOT use markers (with Echo playing at the table NOT a good idea) and was rather pouty about the crayons I gave him instead.

First piece


The boys did math in their room over quiet time (aka when mommy got the livingroom cleaned and DIDN’T find her missing 20.00) as well as a word search (Chinese New Year themed). I have a collection though small of Chinese New Year worksheets I have found at You can find my list HERE. As always check out EnchantedLearning and our favourite – Activity Village. Both links are on my side bar!

At work

Tomorrow is THE day… well not THE day but an important day… Ken, Echo and myself are heading to the city to do her 6 month cardiology appointment. I am not sure what all that will encompass (I think they play it a bit by ear due to what they find as you go along) but we are quite aware we most likely will be there for the whole afternoon. Tests and seeing the cardiologist is NEVER quick. It is a little nerve wracking for a few reasons – first off… testing… second… results… and then there is the travelling in winter… and leaving the other 4 at home (thankfully!!)… oh and the whole I am not happy she has to go through ANY of this! I mean I KNOW it is for the best but my baby is my baby. So please keep our wee Echo in  your thoughts and prayers… we need safe travel and a productive day at the children’s hospital.

I am still hard at work on the afghan. I plan on taking a couple novels and said afghan and that is it to entertain myself while we are at the hospital. I figure that way I have no excuse. I don’t know how successful I will be with Echo’s rather attention grabbing technique – she has taken to grabbing the afghan and trying to throw it on the floor to make room on my lap! She is a very insistent young lady! 

I have to admit getting through tomorrow will be a weight off my mind. AND a day away from the bulk of the kids, even with the circumstances will be nice. We hope to meet up with Sean and Ted before heading back. Cousin Veronika and Victoria have been sweet enough to agree to babysit so there is no worries about what will be going on at home. I have my cell phone and my iTouch charging and a couch full of items to go with us (lots of just in case things). I am not sure when we will get home but I hope to get a post up tomorrow night with whatever results we get or early Friday sometime. We shall see how it all plays out!

Our little darling

2 thoughts on “The Day Before…

  1. Safe driving, happy results & no waiting!!!… all are first on my list for you. And hopefully your missing $$ will appear in some lil fold of paper in your purse … just like mine did the other day! (I put a slip of paper with an address on in into the change section by mistake & it folded itself around the bill – strange, but hopefully yours is somewhere similar as well.) As always, ‘will be keeping wee Echo in my thoughts,


  2. Thank you! I keep reminding myself, this is just them checking her again because that is what they do. We already KNOW what she has, and how it is treated etc etc… and now we may just get some answers as to when and some reassurance as to how she IS fine and IS wonderful and IS one of the cutest little babies on the planet. It is going to be so much easier without all the kids in tow and for that I am VERY thankful. And who knows, maybe the money has hidden until a time when I need the surprise? Or a special treat? All I know is that my livingroom is clean now lol… and the kids seem to have new initiative to keep it that way. I will try and post something Thursday no matter what… I hope… lol

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