As We End the Week…

And so we end the week. WHAT A WEEK! Yesterday was a bit of a slow go, but we managed to work on our workbooks and enjoy each other’s company… oh and make DRAGONS! This is a fun craft made out of cut out hands. You can find the instructions HERE. They recently added some new dragon crafts so hopefully with a run to Dollarama this weekend we can make another one before the girls and I head out for our 4 day retreat at Cousin Veronika’s!

The boys' dragons... they cut EVERYTHING themselves!



We are working hard on our math and our reading. Today we tried something new. This time the boys came up with 3 sentences each and then had to write them down, without my copying them first. I sat down with each of the twins alone and we sounded out words together and talked about WHY certain words were written the way they are. There was some frustration but some successes too! Gavin had the topic of our family and Zander was to write 3 sentence describing himself. Then they picked their favourite sentence and drew a matching picture. I am so proud of them, writing is NOT their favourite activity but they persevered. We forgot all about taking a picture of them so will have to share that tomorrow!

We have two books on China and Chinese New Year out from the library right now. The kids love the bright colours on the covers and the dragons. We also read the story of the Zodiak from the Activity Village site. You can find it HERE. I always seem to end up at Activity Village for our special occasion activities and crafts!!


The twins were in charge of sugar cookie creation today. I premade the dough, cleaned up the blue table, had them wash their hands and go at it. Only having to man the oven is so much easier than doing it all myself!

Cookie time, Emanuel joined after his quiet time and the 3 of them worked through the entire batch of dough.


I have a link to share with you all. The site is called Babysitters and not only helps you find sitters in your area (if you are in the US) but also have some interesting blog entries on dealing with having sitters, parenting, etc. I have not taken too close of a look at the site yet but was able to find listings for my in-laws’ area AND read a couple interesting blog posts. THIS is the one they sent me to link. I would love to hear from anyone who has used this service OR hear your opinions post reading it after following my link. Yesterday night was a girls’ night out! Karyn, Kristen and I went to our favourite Indian restaurant and ate until we were completely full and then went back to Kristen’s for some visiting. She lives like a block or so from the restaurant! I even got to leave Echo at home as we decided that another trip in the carseat would be a bit much after Wednesday’s saga.



Ken has spent much of his phoning time working on getting the van fixed… AGAIN! Canadian Tire here in town has consented to fix the coolant system if that is what wrong and were a little embarrassed that less than a month later we are already calling back with a concern in the same area. Seriously FOUR TIMES! 

It seems like we cannot get away from the medical this month. Next week is Zander’s eye appointment, then the following week my bloodwork AND another appointment for Ken (he is changing a doctor that was back home to a local one) and then the next week is Echo and my check ups… Maybe February will have a move of focus AWAY from the medical for a while? Would be nice! But, so far everyone is coming back healthy!

Breakfast together (Echo needs a matching chair... and to learn to sit down!)

I have spent some time on Tinker Bell today but not much… I am almost done the first Tink, well the stitching portion and will share an image when that is done. It feels good to cross stitch again!

And tonight Ken and I finally get some alone time together… today was a rather good day – groceries were procured in the limping van, Canadian Tire contacted, appointments made, work completed, children educated, fed and loved… we even got to see Chris and Chris on their way to their new (closer) living situation. Tomorrow Ken will  be gone for a chunk of the day to help them out and I will be flying solo but we have another dragon to glitter up, a backyard to enjoy and of course our library books to read through. We have turned this week around, at least somewhat I think. And that is the trend that WILL continue! 

Some days I wonder if her names should not have included JOY as one of them...

5 thoughts on “As We End the Week…

  1. Well, you can always use ‘Joy’ as a nickname 🙂 Hey… is it your cousin V who lives in this area? If so, pls send me an email.

  2. Darn – pressed the ‘send’ too fast. Meant to add that I think her nickname should be “Bubbles” (as in…bubbling with joy…LOL) Her photos always make me grin 🙂

  3. I travel to China often for work. This time of year, the conversation always turns to Chinese New Year and the Chinese zodiac. It is very common to hear people ask one another, “What is your animal?” or to hear them ask westerners, “Do you know your animal?”. They are really asking if you know which of the zodiac signs you fall into. I am a Dragon. In fact, I am a WATER Dragon, so this truly will be “my” yea

  4. 🙂 We have the chart and looked everyone up. My favourite it Echo who is the tiger!! 🙂 One year we made a Chinese New Year lapbook and had a special mini book for each person for their personal animal. Someday I would love to go to China!

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