At the End of a Week I am Ready to be Done With… and then some!

Well the mail is still not working in my favour – 3 things sent right before Christmas and 3 still not there AND still waiting on something from our board. UGH I am re-sending my Canadian envelope on Monday… WITH a tracking number! I am debating changing my shipping amounts based on this experience. I need to see how much more it is with a number and then I think I may just require it! Though after posting on Facebook about my frustrations at least 3 other people shared their stories. Apparently 10 weeks is normal at times sending to the states!!! OUCH We sent something out about 7 weeks ago still not there. The tracking number is somewhere in the house but Ken was able to call with the info and find it in CUSTOMS… that just kills me, lots of handmade stuff in there. 

The last two days have been a bit trying… being a woman SUCKS sometimes (ok monthly) but being one with a minor cold is worse. Echo followed suit with a runny nose and a cranky disposition. This did not stop us from a few exciting completions!! First off, Gavin finished his Grade 1-2 Addition and Subtraction review book! I am so proud of him, he got all the way up to adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers. And when we went back to the original workbook he has today he blew threw the pages!


Then there was our Chinese New Year poster… talk about dragons!!! We had to overlap and wiggle around to fit everything but it was worth it! So many bright colours and beautiful pieces of art! Everyone had a hand in the creation of it. Litterally… all 4 kids had hand dragons put on it!!


Then we moved onto fun with our Valentines supplies… of course the Legos were out at the same time so Gavin skipped right over that to making Lego hearts! Very sweet… Emanuel made one too.

Hearts from two of my boys

Don’t forget the cactus and orange, also courtesy of Gavin.

So creative!

He did do some Valentines decorations – two lovely paper chains, one with foam hearts added to each of the white chains. 

Two paperchains

We had a frustrating evening with Ken swamped with work, phone calls… cranky kids… but we survived. Sometimes Ken’s working from home can cause minor upsets when we need to do things like buy groceries or do something family related. This is compounded by my inability to drive… but we make do! Of course it is this same choice that gives us the bulk of our flexibility. I am amazed at how supported I feel when I am stressed with homeschooling or the kids when they want to show daddy something. Instant gratification. He has chosen an hard path, working as an independent contractor but he is GOOD at it! 

Teaching his sister

I found a great Canadian movie on Netflix to wind down with tonight: At Home By Myself… With You. Romantic comedy for the win. Thank you Netflix. 

The left over frustration is really centered on the van… it was to go in tonight but that certainly did NOT happen. It goes in TOMORROW afternoon… keep your fingers crossed that FOURTH time is the charm! Oh and that it IS just the coolant system once again. I am going to create a calmer February if I have to drag the kids kicking and screaming. 

She was play feeding herself

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