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Tuesdays are many things – garbage day, the second day of the week… our first really focused school day of the week when we take the weekend off. This Tuesday you have to add in some sort of stomach bug/cold thing. Nothing extreme just Emanuel, Echo and myself feeling a little under the weather. Though Emanuel felt bad enough to suggest in the morning that he NOT go to the library!!! 

This has not slowed our learning about the Inuit people. I have even MORE videos to share with you all today! Including the interesting fact that what we call an Inukshuk generally (the one that looks like a person) is NOT called that by the Inuit. Instead they have another word for them that mean false person! 

And an interesting piece on hunting and fishing that the boys really enjoyed.

And a very interesting and informative pod cast about Inuit games! I love the creativity and not a single battery to be seen!!

Zander and Ken are still battling out math but today he did a marvelous job reading his Starfall story to go with his book. I am so thankful that someone passed these books along. The site does not require a membership for the stories the books cover so he is able to work his way through without costing me more cash. I honestly cannot thank people enough for passing along their unused and unwanted things for our children. Last night Karyn dropped off some items a co-worker didn’t need for her kids anymore. We actually held some of those back for their birthday! We honestly would not have such a fun school area (ok house) without the generosity of friends, acquaintances and family! 

Working on his reading

We had haircuts tonight with the amazing Cousin Elizabeth who Gavin says must do ALL their haircuts. That meant a visit and TREATS! Such a talented cousin I have! 

Post haircut treats!

So cute!!!

I have been working on a baby necklace. I now have a VERY good reason to purchase more beads as I am about out of my cute and fun shaped ones. Though I have enough alphabet ones to make sentences! I haven’t done a nursing necklace in a while so this was a fun change of pace! I forgot how much I enjoy working with beads and patterns! Time to check out Dollarama. For some reason they tend to have reasonably priced beads. 


Trinity and Karyn made it to the library and back again without incident. I opted to stay home with cranky baby and wait for our spectacular hairdresser. I am working on multiple crafts right now anyway and Echo was in a horrible mood with her runny nose and slight fever. Now I have a list of crafts to complete, tidying to do AND the movie Clue on Netflix to watch! 

Just a little smile to close with

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