Ending a Busy Weekend to Begin a Busy Week

So we had a trade off on Sunday – we missed Sunday school but in return we spent another 3/4 of a day with Grandma and Gypsy AND got to go visit the Bleau family who are settling back into their home here in Alberta after 3 years in California. But first the morning… well breakfast and then games, new toys and Grandma time. We had leftovers for lunch – grilled cheese sandwiches with the roast beef inside (very yum!). We had to tidy up our stuff of course but everyone had time to kick back and relax.¬†

With Puppy

After lunch Karyn, mom and I headed over to her work to check out some of the dresses they had for sale. I found a pair of boots that I WOULD have bought … if they had been the right size. Sadly a half a size or more too big! Boo. BUT we had fun looking! Soon after that Karyn had to head back home – her mom is here for a week for some bonding time.¬†

We had to pack the family up (thank goodness for the borrowed van or I doubt it would all fit!) and head over to visit with the Bleaus around 2:30. They have a lot of room so the kids were able to run and have fun! We actually decided to stay past supper time and spoiled the kids with pizza and breadsticks! So much fun AND we got to catch up IN PERSON with people we so rarely see. I think once we have a more reliable vehicle we will make many more visits. After all Ken gets a ton done work wise at mom’s and there is a great children’s library in town… now I just need to convince Ken, well and have a reliable van.¬†


PIZZA and a full table

Echo is small in comparison to many things... well the projection tv is no different! But she did love watching it.

It was definitely on its way to bedtime by the time we got home. Ken emptied the van (almost but more about that later) and left to drive the 15 min or so to Chris and Chris’ to return the van and then catch a return ride back while I let the kids play a bit before bed. After all we had to put some things away in their rooms anyway.¬†

It wasn’t until Ken got home with (he) Chris and (she) Chris’ computer (it needs some help with its RAM) that he realized that HIS computer was still in the van and that they had driven back in the car! OUCH. So luckily he could do SOME work with the netbook and such and (she) Chris had to come through town early anyway. At least all of the other stuff made it in! We are just out of practice with using the stow and go!¬†

Monday started off with a mess (to be expected, I mean this is like Christmas in February around here) BUT we rallied, cleaned up and had breakfast. Then it was onto the school stuff, well somewhat. We are still working on our Inuit lapbook. Today more animals were drawn (seals) and we talked about what they did for fun and games… and of course read some more interesting information. This time on their spiritual beliefs. I am not sure how well the boys understood it but they asked questions and I know I learned a bit!!

Train break

Trinity and her special "un birthday" gift from Aunty Karyn - LOLA! You can draw on her clothes and bag, wash them and then do it again!

Gavin has been hard at work on his craft gift from myself and Ken Рit is making mosaics using little squares of foam that are backed with adhesive, mess free and really quite amazing! 

Working on his craft

Two masterpieces

There has been colouring and building and taking back down and building again! I have reorganized ONE of our shelving units (the one in the dining area) to my own personal satisfaction and hope to continue my way through ALL of the homeschooling supplies this week. Whenever we get new things there always seems to be this horrible instant mess of what we already have! 

Snacks, new toys and a sunny room

I spent some time sorting out the nativity costumes mom sent home with me, BUT you have to wait until the NEXT blog entry to see the kids model 4 of them! I know, cruel and all that but I figure I will work my way through pictures in order. 

I did finish a cross stitch. A second copy of one with somewhat strong language! But for a good friend! This one used some metallic in the lettering, a blue based one which looks lovely!


I am sure there are little things I forgot but I plan on thinking through on my special moments from the weekend and sharing those later… AFTER the pictures from the nativity costumes. I won’t draw that out too much longer!¬†

When I was taking photos of the kids in their costumes it was against this wall. After I was all done Miss Echo walked up to the wall and made her cheese noise and smiled... she kept doing it for at least 3 pictures before satisfied!

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