Blah Sick

And then we ALL get sick to some degree or another… I just keep reminding myself better THIS week than NEXT week. Either way it slowed our schooling progress to a near halt. Though we did do some workbook stuff, chat about things and watch some educational television. 

We did a little story starter as well… well a sentence or two sort of thing. You can find it HERE. One of the twin answered yes, the other no… so it was interesting to see how they think about a question. Trinity had ANOTHER colouring page… HERE. She does love to colour, and this way she is contributing to our binder.

Again not much motivation during the first half of the week to progress but we added to our binder. With Echo’s surgery coming up right after St. Patrick’s Day I am expecting that week to be a wash. I hope the facilitator is impressed by what we DO get done in April AND the fact that we school year round!  There was some major Perler bead work going on at our little blue table! And the bulk of it (on the first day) had a St. Patrick’s Day theme! We are totally going to have to tuck some of these into our binder to share. If you want some of the patterns we used you need to check out our favourite UK site… right HERE. The rest came out of our booklets that come with the beads you buy. I love these beads, they are so versatile and even Trinity can handle them (though not the tweezers, she has broken I think around 3 pairs since we started. They DO have jumbo beads but we never purchased any). Of course all 3 days this week have been beading days! 


We have managed some workbook time and the kids have watched some good movies (Veggie Tales, etc) but a sick Mommy who is also the teacher does slow life down a bit. 

Movie time

Trinity and Emanuel did make their library day – with strict instructions to cover their mouths when they cough and use a paper towel to wipe their noses.


Life has been slightly frantic here, sick kids, baby surgery coming up and another issue we are dealing with and will HOPEFULLY have dealt with by tomorrow… all pile up to making me over wrought. Add to all of that water dripping from a basement light fixture that has not yet been looked at by the owners and… yeah… fun times. 

I think we all have been feeling a little like this!

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  1. lol yes, and she wasn’t even asleep but she kept flinging herself down on that teddy dramatically to rest 🙂

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