A Wednesday Full of Hurry Up and Wait!

And then came Wednesday… at 6am I called (Ken was exhausted from being up late into the night working using the netbook and worried that her surgery would be forced to the following week and we would be WITHOUT sitters) the number Alan left us (I had called the night before and left a message but with something so important we did not want to wait until the 8am time Alan was quoted that she would call back) and confirmed our changes. Thank goodness Thursday WAS an option AND we were scheduled as the FIRST surgery of the day. This meant the chances of being bumped due to ANOTHER emergency was slim to nil (though we in turn had bumped someone else… there were only 2 surgeries scheduled for Thursday). 

So that changed our rules for feeding her. Amazingly enough – still no food past midnight, but now we had to be at the hospital by 6 am for admitting (of course not AT admitting as the main hospital admitting office is not open that early but to the pre-op office we went to on Tuesday) for a 7am surgery. She was allowed breastmilk until 3 am and clear liquid until 4. We were given (on Tuesday) two jars of sugar water to give her as well… of course with our juice free lifestyle for the little one that was a no go! 

This left us with a day with nothing planned… and of course the need to call EVERYONE involved with the kids so that we had everyone in the know about our extra day in the city. Thankfully (she) Chris was able to take the Friday off and Karyn and Lauralee had already taken Emanuel and Trinity to the library program Tuesday night. Karyn was willing to take the twins to her place for a visit as well! They had been asking to see her place for some time now! 

With a day free Ken had to contact his contracts to alert them to the change in his days away from the computer and take advantage of the free time to do some of the work that needs to be done anyway. We had texts to make, a few phone calls and then… well Alan and Xinny were at work, Isabella sick (and sequestered AWAY from Echo) so that left Alexander, Izaac and Xinny’s mom (she is a lovely lady though does not speak much English). A nice and quiet home. 

Sean, who is still off work after breaking his foot (his walking boot is off but it is still not 100%) contacted us and offered to take us out for lunch and some fresh air. That sounded MUCH better than sitting in the house worrying about the surgery the next day! Once Ken finished up a tiny bit of work we packed up, said good bye to Alexander (who was going for his usual half day of school soon) and his grandma and headed out to Denny’s.

At Denny's

After Denny’s we stopped a grocery store and then back to the den Otter’s where Sean hung out for the afternoon as we rested up, napped Echo (and myself) and Ken continued getting work done. Alan had to work late but Xinny came home before supper. She made ribs and Ken made mashed potatoes. Ken also ran out to get Alan when he was finally done so that he would not have to take the lengthy bus ride. 

Cuddle time with Uncle Sean

The evening was also quiet, with Ken and myself both on pins and needles and watching how Echo was coughing and behaving. She nursed at midnight and then that was it (again sugar water NO GO). I actually headed to bed (cell in hand to text with a few friends to calm my nerves) a little early and plugged everything in that needed charging. After all… Thursday was going to be EARLY! We figured I had to be up by 4:30 and Ken by 5 at the latest so we could get out the door by 5:15 and on our way to the hospital with LOTS of time to spare! 

Echo and Izaac

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