Better Than Monday

In order to bring myself back up from the utter failure of Monday to complete ANYTHING I stayed up a bit later and did finish sewing the sash on Echo’s flowered dress… I plan on playing around with some ribbon and making a bow as well. I was toying with making it brown as well but think a splash of colour may be nice.

Just needs a bow

Luckily I set aside my ribbon box and marked it pink so I have it here. I am supposed to do a craft table on the 9th of June as part of a charity drive a friend is putting on. I have to donate a door prize and 10% of my sales… I figure to fill a table I will ask other friends to add their crafts and since it is in the same city as my mom I have a place to stay AND someone to pimp my stuff around town BEFORE the sale! BUT that means that in order to NOT loose a ton of time due to this move I need to stay productive in April. I have been making some owls out of Easter socks and plan to collect other socks through out the month to add to my stash (seriously, if you have some lonely socks laying around that are not horribly stained and worn send them my way!!).

I also remembered to set aside Easter clothes for the kids so even if my plans fall through I CAN take them outside in their pretty outfits and photograph them. I really have missed playing with photography. I think I am going to try and every 2 weeks do some serious attempts at it. I still need to do the boys’ yearly pictures… but I think I will wait til it is warm so we can do outside shots this year!

Today it was Zander’s turn for a special outing. We FINALLY managed to get the boy together WITH his glasses out to Lens Crafter where they put on new nose pieces, straightened them, fixed the arms so they are a wee bit longer (growth spurt!) and cleaned them for him. Then we stopped at A&W for lunch and then DOLLARAMA. Spoiled boy! 

Lucky boy

Actually Chris (she), myself AND Zander got our glasses adjusted. And at Dollarama we took our time perusing the merchandise. I picked up some paper (newsprint style but paper all the same), some Easter themed stickers, an egg dying kit (in case of cancelling Grandma’s) AND the cutest ears EVER! 

Can you believe only a dollar!

The boys worked on our thank-you card for the people involved in Echo’s surgery. All of the kids signed it, I just need to write my own thank you in. And hopefully add a picture of Echo as well. We are still working on our math, writing and reading. I am limited as my printer is in storage as is the bulk of my school supplies but we are making do. 

Echo had an accident today, she managed to get away from us and down the stairs with a piece of paper which she some how slipped on and smacked her head on the stairs… hard stairs of course. I think Mommy and Daddy were more upset than she was. 15 min or so with a cold cloth to her head and she was screaming to go again. She had a bit of a goose egg and a bruise by her eye but seems to be alright. 

Poor baby :(

Oh and I have to share my breakfast for today – ok NOT the most healthy but TOTAL noms! 


In fact, today has been a MUCH better day… I finished 2 more owl bodies… we fixed THREE pairs of glasses… AND I won something on Facebook! I just need to figure out how to get my hands on it since they are in the city we used to live in and we are here without a vehicle. Here’s hoping the trend continues! 

Baby bunny


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