Sunny Saturday

Now then, Saturday solo… a whole new can of worms really. I forgot to mention in the last entry but I did have the boys sitting down to do school work. We started with info about the area and mom and Mike. Address of the house, etc. There was some complaints but each of the twins has started his duotang for the time period we spend here. 

Gavin working on his mosaic piece

Gypsy relaxing on mom's bed... we closed their door after just to be sure she did not get shut in. She actually got much perkier once we got through the first day without them

Today’s schoolwork was tied in with one of our multiple walks. Of course not the first one… the first walk of the day was early. Though we had to wait for Trinity to wake up and all that before we could go. It was our first attempt with the stroller and the dog together. After some initial puppy confusion it was not too bad really. We did the same path that I did with Trinity and Emanuel the day before and found that by the time we got back to the house EVERYONE was cold and hungry. So time for breakfast! 

Out on the AM walk (Zander is on left)

After breakfast there was plenty of time for Saturday morning cartoons, playing, petting the dog and of course laundry. The kids all were able to scatter… or not… there were still some arguments and all but everyone is so much more relaxed. 

TV in the twins' room

Echo in one of her favourite cupboards at Grandma's

After 3 of the 5 kids napped we packed everyone minus dog back up and walked to the nearest gas station for… SLURPEES! We had to walk past a couple parks, checking out what is local AND cross the train tracks… hand holding buddies for safety of course. Each of the twins  takes one of the little ones. 

Slurpee walk, later to be immortalized in their duotangs

OH and our watermelon, eaten in pieces throughout the day

It is official though – Echo LOVES Pepsi slurpees… she is so much like her Mommy!!!

For the record, I blame my mom who hooked ME on the stuff before I was even one!!

That walk wiped us all out for the afternoon and put to serious question whether or not we would make our second walk with Gypsy BUT… we persevered and took ANOTHER route… this one around the nearest little park and into the trailer park area… a closed area that was quite interesting with its varied buildings and fronts. TWO gardens even had little beds of flowers… silk flowers! The kids were amazed. 

On the evening walk

Stopping to smell some of the REAL flowers

We did temporarily misplace a shoe (an Echo shoe) and had to backtrack to find it (which we did)… and of course when we got home there were some baths to have AND we managed to set up (via the iPad) a Skype with Daddy… though he did not have a camera. Add to that some crafting and it was a busy, full and FUN day. Though man was it tiring! So much walking and playing and settling of minor disputes. I am so glad I am NOT a single parent!

A little post walk play in the backyard

Owls on parade! all are going to the craft sale on the 9th!

So that was Saturday… and I am sure I will recount Sunday in great detail… tomorrow. Catching up is slow going when your days are full of kids, walks, dog and reorganization (so much room to go through each and everything and tidy it into better packing system… so pleased… can you feel my contentment with the SYSTEM in place????).

Girls with attitude

I love all this green

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