Sunday Summary

And so we wake up on the middle day of our long weekend here in Alberta. Sunday, the day before Victoria Day. No Sunday school on long weekends so no guilt for not heading back to the city for that. Instead we woke up early and… walked the dog. It was nicer out than Saturday morning but there was still resistance. 

Walking together! (Gavin)

Best seat

After a brisk but lengthy walk the kids played outside while I made breakfast and our day began once again.

Baby and her puppy

We had a very special walk in the afternoon to Liquidation World. We were originally looking for bubbles since ours were coming back with Ken from the city that night but had no luck there. So of course we wandered the aisles, picked up some candy and… texted Ken to request input on a very special purchase… a new inflatable pool! I got vetoed on the larger 40.00 one as of course with 5 kids an inflatable pool really only lasts ONE season but the 24.00 one… came home with us in the bottom of the stroller! Thank goodness Ted had his cell phone and was with Ken so we could converse via the texts! 

The pool!

The kids were first excited about the possibility, then bored when it took FOREVER to hear back from Daddy (we timed this financial dilemma with his shower time) and then excited again when that box came off the shelf and we paid for it! One more BIG step forward to fulfilling our summer dreams.

The kids were relatively well behaved… well enough so that we could agree that EVERYONE deserved a freezie and I mean EVERYONE. Even Echo got a half of one that she managed to spread all over herself and enjoy thoroughly. I had to redo her hair, sadly I am not the stylist my mom is but I managed a jaunty little ponytail that kept her hair out of her eyes admirably. 


The rest of our evening was spent with baths and preparing for early bed… Ken was due home that night and it was more than enough for me to be home alone with the kids that long. All the walking and such is enough to make you ready to curl up and nap. We had to cancel our second walk and instead the kids played with Gypsy in the backyard running and tossing her ball. Echo was too done in and had to be in bed right after dinner after all.

Happy to have Gavin feed her her yogurt and aspirin

Tv for the boys in their rooms for an hour or so and then lights out and bed. I waited for the silence and then took a bath and library book for myself. Thanks again to Victoria for helping me pick some out on my way here… and even better, they can be returned here in town since it is Parkland area! EASY!

They are actually doing quite well sitting and having cartoon breaks together

I was so glad that Ken got home Sunday night, regardless of the kids… I missed him a lot. We do our best here together. No matter WHERE together is… I am honestly REALLY looking forward to being together in our OWN place, with the viewings he had this weekend we must be one step closer but in all honesty being here… in the town I spent the largest span of time in (we moved a lot growing up)… the urgency has faded a little. Don’t get me wrong, I still want us to move on… but here we have some space to breath, a town I remember fondly to explore and family around (well sort of … when they get back from THEIR vacation). Maybe not the most exciting town but there are things for the kids to explore.

And explore we will so keep checking back!!

Tupperware makes the best toys!

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