Finishing Up the Week…

People always say things happen for a reason, and with Thursday’s chain of events I can almost believe it to be true! We were supposed to leave late after noon to head south to see properties in TWO towns/cities… first a few in the one we used to live at and then onto the ones near my brother. Well Ken had an implementation day (and actually, first thing in the morning we had not gotten the address for the prize place yet either!) which is always an up in the air day. The joys of contract work, you have to be there to get it up and running and as long as ALL the code works from EVERYONE you are home free, if not you sit there and hash it out. The contract MUST be completed on time our you payment is decreased… so we try REALLY hard to NOT plan anything on implementation days. 

Well, as I am sure everyone is aware, right now we are at the whim of the world and are trying to see what we can… we had tentative plans to see at least 4 properties Thursday with one being a set group view in the city. We made a back up plan of James seeing that one if we couldn’t make it (he was a short bus ride away) and had all the others aware we may need to reschedule. We found out less than 2 hours before we would have had to leave that we simply could not… BUT we had an address and an amazing brother getting ready to go… until an hour later… one hour before the view… the people from the week before FINALLY decided they wanted the place and BANG no viewing no nothing. So that little bit of trouble at work… well it saved us a trip to a severe disappointment.

So we rescheduled the others, regrouped and keep going… prayer, hard work, calling (thank you mom for your cell at times!), emailing and lots and lots of searching. I have not lost faith but at the same time frustration has set in. Please keep prayers and positive thoughts going for us! They are much appreciated!

Anyway with us grounded suddenly and plans all messed up and yours truly a wee bit out of sorts… well we DID flounder a little. What is better when you have some sunshine and a decent dishsoap? BUBBLES!! But add Echo into that and you get… MUDDY BABY! A very happy but muddy baby. 

Bubble baby

One more cuz I love her face in this one

I had a special paper purse made for me by Zander! How very creative! AND he put his favourite blue marble in it since my favourite colour is blue. 

For ME!

And then as a pick me up the twins and I (when they other 3 were napping) took some change and had a nice long walk to see what there is to see… and share a slurpee and some nickle candies! When I say walk I mean more of a quick trot… boy when they get going they GO!!!

Treat break

Don’t they look all grown up with their shaved heads??? I am so glad that we are having these moments where there is a bit of joy and fun… I just wish we could push past into the settled life we are ALL craving. Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am that my mom and Mike are able to keep us here while we search our hardest? Cuz really… it is  that above most else hat has allowed us to stay in Canada and feel safe.

Friday with the crazy of the day before was a bit of a let down. I don’t think any of us were really completely motivated but we rallied… played and learned and had some moments of fuss and fun… but most of all ALL of them were TOGETHER. Two neat things on the street? Well, the people came and trimmed back our trees (the kids watched from inside and then drew special pictures and talked about it) AND the street was cleaned (more pictures in our books!). So we had some excitement. 

And then the kids convinced me that we HAD TO walk to the library… get some books and movies and say hi to their friend Charlotte who was at the library on the computers, oh and we ran into their friend Kristie who lives next to where mom USED to live on our walk and THEN we ran into the lovely lady who used to come once a week to do a special play program with the twins when they were just over a year old! She recognized me and was so excited to see the twins and Emanuel and meet Trinity and Echo! We really ARE memorable!!! Lots of fun run into’s AND a walk to get a slurpee and then home. 

Leaving the library

That got us home in time to help make dinner, bathe the masses and put on a couple library borrowed movies. Echo has still been rather out of sorts from growing pains and teething. I am hoping our mini girl holiday will help the attitude issues. In fact, Friday night = packing for trip, laundry and cleaning since I cannot depend on the males of the family to keep the house to the level I want mom coming home to. Hopefully while I am at Kathy’s I can also do some viewings… visit with a special cousin AND see my sister in law… maybe?

Baby with her baby

Sharing her popcorn

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