Melissa Bourbon, Pleating for Mercy… a Review

Thanks to a rather well read cousin I have ANOTHER book review to share! This the first in a new series with all the elements I personally look for in a cozy read – a strong female main character, small town feel, a good mystery, an interesting male in the picture… and MAGIC! The title is Pleating for Mercy and it is the first in the Dressmaker’s Mystery series by Melissa Bourbon.

The main character is a woman called Harlow Jane Cassidy who has returned home to Bliss, Texas from Manhattan and a career as a fashion designer. She is part of a long line of charmed women that are supposed to have¬†descended from Butch Cassidy. She has opened a custom dress making boutique called Buttons & Bows. Each of the women in her family are supposed to have a special charm… which can be VERY useful or seem rather silly. You see the entire story through Harlow’s eyes and thoughts and she is a great narrator.¬†

The rest of the people in town are a lovely patchwork of personalities… and I absolutely loved the pace of the story. There is no smack you in the face romance but potential is there… and the magic is fun and at times subtle. All in all a GREAT first in a new series… I cannot wait for the second one!

Pleating for Mercy

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