Making Nice With the Week

Time keeps on trundling by. I actually feel like I blink and BAM days have passed. We did manage to run to the Dollarama and get some new workbooks on Monday and Tuesday started using them. I am doing my usual review of the previous year for the twins and Emanuel to see if those basics have stuck. Though really Emanuel is just doing the Kindergarten level, the twins are re-doing grade 1 in brief. It is actually going rather well and a lovely confidence building activity. 

Workbook time

Kids at work

Zander made the mistake of leaving his shoes outside and luckily the dogs did NOT eat them… so in order to earn them back I had him cleaning house. He was AMAZING at scrubbing the bathroom and swept, put things away… wiped everything down. Lesson really seemed to be learned as it was past lunch time when he could finally get outside again! 

Earning back his shoes

Emanuel snuck in some DS time

Ken and myself got to go out for dinner to celebrate my birthday too! Sharon came by to watch the kids so mom and Mike would have the freedom to leave if need be and he and I dressed up and ate out (Irish pub, sorry no pictures we were just so RELIEVED to get to go out! ALONE!). It was a lovely night out and gave us some much needed down time without forcing mom and Mike to be stationary. 

Grandpa time

Now Wednesday… Wednesday was a special day! It was the library’s High Tea… so of course all the girls in the house HAD TO dress up and go out! We each ended up with our own personalized fascinator.

With her fascinator bits

Picking flowers

We did good

Enjoyed a good story.


And of course had tea (Blue Eyes)! 

Tea time

With scones

The boys had to come up from the children’s library area and enjoy THOSE snacks of course!

Though only the girls dressed up

Thursday was a visiting day with the Bleau family. Lots of kids, lots of fun and lots of laughter. The best remedy EVER to a stressful existence. 

On the deck

Playing video games

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