Dinosaurs and Little Boys… OH MY

July 18

Ok ok I taunt and taunt and… you have to wait ONE MORE ENTRY to read our biggest adventure… I be evil! Anyway Wednesday… well it is a very SPECIAL Wednesday… this is the day we celebrate my nephew Jimmie’s 7th birthday!

Waiting for Daddy so we could all leave for the museum

But first Karyn, Veronika, Ken and myself with kids in tow had some before party plans. We started off at the Little Church. I think Veronika, Karyn and I all remember times we had visited this place in our childhoods. I was definite… we HAD TO take the kids there. It actually is meant to seat 6 adults but our little ones fit in quite nicely. Emanuel was quick to  take the pulpit and Echo LOVED the small scale seating. 

Gotta love the rebuild story AND the amateur attempt at making it read dirty

Little Church

Future minister?

Just her size

I absolutely love the landscape in Drumheller and valley. There is something very timeless about it. 

The Badlands


Gavin and Emanuel

After the church it was time for lunch at A&W where we took up half the seating in the restaurant. 

We do fill a restaurant

After lunch we split the kids between all 3 cars for novelty sake and then headed down the road for the main attraction – Tyrell Museum and Jimmie’s birthday. I remember many trips to this particular museum, my brother was a total dinosaur encyclopedia growing up! We met right up with the birthday boy, my brother, sister in law and Gammie. With the hurried phone calls confirming that Grandma and Grandpa Mike were running late and the boys running wild we opted to head into the museum and let them catch up (thank you Ted for the free pass in by the way!!).

Outside the museum

We saw dinosaurs, dinosaurs and… well other stuff… all on fast forward and with the same chaotic feel as herding kittens. BUT everyone had a blast!



Echo spent the majority of her time with Aunty Holly as Trinity monopolized Aunty Karyn.

Aunty Holly and Echo

We measured kids against a giant dinosaur leg…

All 6 kids

And of course had a family photo taken…

Extended family

Just the Reinsch-Johnsons

And then it was onto the gift shop where each of the kids got free reign (within reason) to pick a present… There was quite the variety… a plush dinosaur (pink), a geology set… etc etc and yours truly got herself a monogrammed blanket with a carrying strap (with Canada on it) since there was no plushy critters with the museum’s info emblazoned on it.


After that it was back into the cars (or in the birthday boy’s case the cab they rented for the day) and onto the giant dinosaur statue that overlooks the splash park (slippery) and the fountain (safer). So that we could… SPLASH… seriously any town we can we splash!

Dinosaur themed of course

Miss Echo (who also biffed it and bit her lip!)



Don’t forget present time! There were some special gifts to the boys and girls from their cousin as well…

Gift time

Echo with her special Strawberry Shortcake set

And then… ICE CREAM! Just across the street and everything!

In the parlor

The partakers

With ice cream and heat and a long day with an early start it was time to say good bye… tearful and huggy but it was done and off we started on our next big adventure… check back for our next entry where I will finally divulge it!!! 


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