So Much Sorting So Little Time

And the unpacking goes on… as does my sorting, repacking and labeling of the umpteen buckets we brought south from Canada. I am so glad we started packing in the Rubbermaid tubs way back when the twins were tiny. Stackable, sealed and so far rather indestructible. I am well on my way to being down to JUST tubs and NO cardboard boxes… of course with how much we got rid of… not a huge surprise. Of course out of necessity most of our stuff must remain in said tubs… this time (the third time) the organization is going to have to be a much higher priority.

So many buckets

In fact, today I got down to the last 3 buckets and some boxes… so close to complete! I am thinking the only thing we could have possibly gotten rid of that I wish I had kept is my first baby doll… but she may be in my childhood bucket. I did not search through that. I did, however, find my cabbage patch doll! AND this… made it in one piece!

Great Grandma’s dishes

We have more than a few buckets in our bedroom that require sorting and shifting as well as loose bits and pieces that need to be organized. Once that is done we may even manage to remove ALL the cardboard! I was out 3 hours in the sun working on the sort. Better than attempting to do it in the basement and have to move it back and forth or in the garage itself amid the clutter and disorganization. We have some work to do in the sub basement to make room for our stuff… and once Ken is working again we certainly have some purchases to make! 

The kids spent their time outside for a bit of my sorting (Gavin)

Reading a book (Zander)

Now we took a day off on the schooling so I could get as much done as I needed to. They did work on Legos and make some interesting creations…


From the comfort of the long missed couch

Once Ken made some inroads on his coding (gotta do the required coding so the company gets an idea as to what you can do) we all packed up in the van and went for our pen pal related activity – using the funds send by Gammie to purchase the next best thing to a slurpee – Icees at Target. Blue raspberry and red cherry. Everyone was happy. 


We found a new show to watch on the On Demand… Grandpa in My Pocket. There is something about British tv that the kids and I just seem to love! And this show was rather cute. Even Echo enjoyed it. Now to finish our sorting… find a way to fit some MORE furniture in the already full basement. Like playing Tetris or something! 

Stopping to look at photos

And that was my life for today… boxes, chasing kids and more boxes… oh and something that is most definitely NOT a slurpee… but a little yummy all the same… oh and I got some hay fever medication and did NOT sneeze, weep and wheeze my way through my time in the sun! YAY!

Note the NOT red eyes!

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