Barbra Annino Continues…

And I am back with the second book in the Stacy Justice series… Bloodstone. The series is officially called Reluctant Witch Mysteries. This book is slightly different from the first in that there are TWO points of view. The usual Stacy Justice first person alternating with some journal entries done by the young unknown girl Ivy who is at the center of one of the mysteries.

With Ivy comes the usual group of characters, Stacy’s two aunts and grandma (all witches), her two love interests and the lady who runs the local (unusual) bar. Sadly Cinnamon the cousin who featured so prominently in the first book (and who I LOVED) is gone on vacation for the first half of this one she is just a riot.

 Now I start with some spoilers from book 1 so if you have not read it… SCOOT! Well, after learning that Stacy can communicate with the dead (though no talk to, more visions and messages in code) and the mystery of the bar being burnt down was solved she faced the other running mystery in the story… the individual constantly following her in the shadows. Well that turned out to be young Ivy who pronounced herself to be Stacy’s sister (while Ivy’s father is dead her mother just up and left one day so her status is unknown). Cinnamon at this time is gone to Ireland with her husband on a trip that was a gift to Stacy from her boyfriend at the time Leo (police chief) who she broke up with at the end of the book (thus the gifted trip).

With Leo out of the picture Stacy has rebuilt her FRIENDSHIP with Chance (a boyfriend from high school). I personally like Chance, he is a contractor and has a great sense of humour. Anyway, the appearance of Ivy has Stacy questioning what actually happened to her mother… the appearance of a dead body in her grandmother’s kitchen has her questioning a murder as well! 

There is a lot magical references, discussion of gifts and general chaos in this story. Barbra Anninodoes an excellent job off bringing you along through the insanity and humour all the while keeping you wondering who did it, who is this person to that person and what will be next! In this book you go deeper into the history of Stacy’s family and her magic, and the ride of course is a bumpy one. Stacy herself is quirky and outspoken so even simple dialogue is an absolute hoot. There are more questions than answers at the end of this one… hooking you even further on the series! A definite good read! 


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