Revisiting My Wedding Dress

It is amazing how much thought and work went into a dress I had gotten for ONE day. All the beads and sequins were sewn onto the existing lace on the dress by myself, Shandai and my mother… I lucked out with my dress. It was bought at a liquidation place for someone else who in turn got pregnant before her wedding and so could not wear it. It fit me perfectly and for the amazing price of 80.00 it was mine! We just had to do all that sewing and then have it cleaned I pressed (which I think was another 60-80). Add in my veil and it was time for photographs, but not of me (I seriously cannot get into the dress after having 5 kids due to bone structure changes), but of Trinity! I saw this idea online – put your daughter in your dress as a child and save the pictures for when they get married! And as I am debating NOT keeping my dress but taking it apart later and making two outfits for the girls out of the material… well this way she CAN say she wore my dress anyway! So please enjoy the pictures!

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