Emanuel’s Choice – Xiaosaurus

The boy has a talent… he always finds the most obscure dinosaurs! Although this time it was a surprise… he found THIS dinosaur in the dinosaur colouring book Gammie sent them. 

Ready to go to Gammie

Anyway links and video and the rest for our newest herbivore… The Xiaosaurus (pronounced show -saw –  rus) is found in China. Its name means small lizard and it definitely was! Weighing under 100lbs and eating only plants it is thought to run in large family groups. They traveled in forests to keep hidden from predators. This little wonder was alive during the Jurassic period. And now, for the links!!!

Let’s start with our picture that Emanuel took the time to colour… with markers as it printed dark…  you can find that HERE. Of course EnchantedLearning had a little blurb on this Chinese dino… you can find that HERE. Wiki’s page is rather technical so not much there for Emanuel but an older child… check that out HERE. About.com has a nice point form set up for their blurb HERE. I love the little visual comparison of a human and the dino that the dino dictionary had HERE. Emanuel really liked the dinopedia’s picture HERE. I love the map on the Ageof Dinosaurs site HERE

Very scenic

I did not find a specific video for this dinosaur BUT I did find a neat video of the Chinese Dinosaur museum. So please, check it out! And check back, the next dinosaur is a mom pick – Triceratops! 

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