Into the Pumpkin

This children’s book by Linda Franklin is our first advanced copy read for the kids and their first book review! Since it is a children’s book we will let the children speak! 

Zander: It is pretty neat and I liked it. I liked the bird  that sang and the part when the witch went back to her pumpkin. 

Gavin: I liked the pictures of the ghosts dancing in a circle. They looked pretty. And I liked the story because it had lots of spooky things in it.

Emanuel: I liked the story because there was a lot of Halloween stuff in it and the crow sang his songs. They all danced. They played together. 

Trinity: I love the witch. It was pretty, the book. I liked all the pictures. I liked when they sang together. They played together. 

This book is beautifully illustrated with lots of spooky scenes. The lyrical words are a joy to read to the kids. As  you can tell from the above commentary they absolutely LOVED the book. If you want a lovely seasonal book with illustrations that are absolutely amazing watercolours and words that are a jot to red check out Into the Pumpkin

Into the Pumpkin

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