This Cretaceous period herbivore is part of the duck-billed family. Emanuel was especially impressed by the Corythosaurus’ hollow, bony crest. It walked on two legs or 4 at times with a long, stiff tail to facilitate that. Found in North America it is believed to be a herding animal that potentially migrated to reproduce. We had TWO videos for this interesting herbivore. First, I’m a Dinosaur…

And then a second gem off of youTube, a video done by a young student for a class assignment.

And now for our links! We used EnchantedLearning’s page HERE. Jurassic Park included a page due to this dinosaur being a part of their game HERE. KidsDinos has its usual helpful map and charts HERE. We found a great artist’s rendition HERE. Kidzworld has some great images of the skeleton HERE. Our colouring page is HERE. And of course the Wiki article HERE.

Gotta love that smile

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