Good News of Great Joy… a Book Review

Now that it is the Christmas season we can finally deal with our advanced copies of some theme appropriate books… Here is the kids’ review on the book Good News of Great Joy!

Trinity: I like Jesus. There was girls in it. It was cute Jesus.

Emanuel: The angels were good. Jesus was cute. I liked the story.

Gavin: The pictures were cool and I really liked the baby Jesus in the book. 

Zander: I really liked the book. My favourite part was the angels because they can fly and they are so beautiful. 

This kid friendly version of the Baby Jesus story was a hit with all 5 of our kids. Even 2 year old Echo was right there looking at the pictures and enjoying the words. I personally enjoyed reading this one, the rhyming was fun and the pictures cute and entertaining. One of my favourite lines was about Jesus being born: “And the baby in Mary was coming out soon!”… 

Kelly Pulley has taken the focus of Christmas for Christians and made it very accessible to children. It is a relatively quick read and the illustrations are sure to keep your little one interested. Good News of Great Joy is a terrific choice if you want a sweet rhyming book on the story of Jesus birth! 

Good News of Great Joy

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