No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells… a Book Review

Welcome to the Mystic Cafe and new owner Elly who recently inherited the cafe from her Grandma Imelda. The cafe AND the knowledge that through her food, some special spices and an amazing book she can work magic! Now if only she can ensure that there are no mistakes… With the help of her high school friend and waitress Mary Ann more than just full stomachs are in the works. With a bit of careful magic hearts, bodies and souls are lifted… that is until the wrong plate goes to the wrong man. After that all bets are off!

This first in the series is a quirky romantic mystery… and most definitely NOT a murder mystery. Mystic Village is full of magic and mystery for this beginner in all things magical. Without any knowledge more than what she is supposed to do in the cafe, Elly is christened quickly into the organizational structure of magic and its laws when Mary Ann accidentally delivers a magical plate to Rory, the man it was NOT intended for. And then the fun starts…

This story has its romance, quirky characters, a mystery and some magic to boot. All in all a fun read with potential in the future! A series to look at for sure! No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells by Rose Pressey was a very enjoyable read!

No Shoes No Shirt No Spells

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