Pickup Lessons… a Short Story

Sometimes all you need is a quick and uplifting read… Pickup Lessons by Lisa Scott is a perfect example of such a story. This is just ONE story out of one of the Flirts! collections and is well worth the read. You start this story with Stone Kinney, who is lurking behind a rack of gowns at a department store stalking… I mean staking out the perfume counter where one Kyla Carter is working. Object – to use the books he read to attempt to pick up one of the many ladies shopping in the store… UNSUCCESSFULLY.

In steps Kyla with an offer for Stone – classes on dating so that he can move from awkward genius to a man with a date… and the story goes from there. Both of our characters have baggage they need to work out and are unwittingly thrown into silly situations. Mainly due to Stone’s utter uselessness with women. Kyla and her sexy nerd have lots to learn from each other and this brief foray into their world is the perfect medium. So if you are looking for a cute, quick romance with engaging characters grab this gem off of Amazon! I am hoping to find a collection sometime soon myself.

Pickup Lessons

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