the intelligent dinosaur! In fact, it is believed this large brained (with imprints of the brain left on the fossilized skulls) dinosaur was the smartest ever with evidence of the brain beginning to fold (the more folds the more advanced). One of our videos even considered that had the dinosaurs not been wiped out this Cretaceous era carnivore could have evolved to the level of human intelligence. As is, they believe that the Troodon could have been as intelligent as the modern bird. A huge difference from the other small brained, large headed dinosaurs of lesser intelligence.

We actually had a 3 part video series to watch. I will post them all in order here. The Troodon makes for good video…

I found this dinosaur by looking through the list of the I’m a Dinosaur videos on youTube so of course I will post it here!

And now for the links of interest. There are TWO National Geographic ones, the main page HERE and the Kid’s HERE. Jurassic Park Wiki has a rather spooky picture and some information HERE. EnchantedLearning has a helpful fact sheet HERE. For 10 facts of interest on the Troodon check out HERE. Test your knowledge with a question on HERE. Charts and maps on HERE. Of course Wiki has their article HERE, and ¬†you can find our colouring page on HERE.

Joint effort

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