Dandelions on the Wind: The Quilted Heart Novella #1

There are days when a body just wants a Christian based romance with a lot of soul. The novella Dandelions on the Wind by Mona Hodgson is a great option for a quiet evening. 

When Maren Jensen came to the US from Denmark as a mail order bride she expected to create a family of her own with a loving spouse and a farmstead. Instead, with her eyesight diminishing on her trip to the new world she is abandoned by her groom to be and left to fend for herself. She found home when finally settling in with Mrs. Bratenberg and then baby Gabi whose family was torn apart from illness and war. With no plans of marriage Maren’s mind turns to Denmark and the need to return to her family as she could not fulfill her plan and promise to bring them to the US. 

BUT a family with no money and little prospects her life continues to be full of faith, chores, love and the weekly quilting circle until Rutherford “Wooly” Wainwright returns from war to the daughter he left behind and the mother in law he abandoned. Options open up and hearts are touched as Maren tries to understand where God wishes her to be and Rutherford attempts to make things right after abandoning his family torn by grief and loss. 

I love one of the German sayings that is shared: Geteiltes leid ist halbes leid – Trouble shared is trouble halved… a good thing to remember.

A story built on faith and a belief in God this is a gentle read. It is charming, the characters are lovable and the plot, unlike many books of this length, run smoothly and in good time. Mona Hodgson has an amazing way with words and deals with the idea of faith and action in a way that is most comforting. I would definitely suggest this book if you enjoy a soft and light Christian romance with a historical setting. 

Dandelions on the Wind

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