Ghouls Night Out… a Book Review

Exchange Abraham Lincoln (Me and My Ghoulfriends) with the amazing Mae West and you have the beginnings of the second in the Larue Donavan series – Ghouls Night Out. Larue runs a bookstore by day and is a psychic medium ghost hunter at night. With the ability to speak to the dead she always has a few hangers on. This time the indomitable Mae West and her potential boyfriend’s grandfather are a part of the grouping. 

Still reeling from the previous story’s black magic, spells and handsome man Larue is thrown back into everything with an offer the position of Coven leader, the cousin of her previous tormentor in town and a spooky black figure to contend with. The new man in town seems to have cast some sort of spell over her bestfriend and her boyfriend has grown cold over night. Add in a ghostly touch from a dead admirer who loves to flirt and a town full of secrets and witches and regular everyday busy bodies and Larue has her hands full.

This light hearted paranormal mystery with a touch of romance is a fun read. A great sequel to the first, Ghouls Night Out by Rose Pressey is a wonderful addition to a cozy ghost loving collector! 

Ghouls Night Out

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