Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel… A Book Review

This Trash to Treasure Crafting Mystery by Rose Pressey is the first in a new series. Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel focuses on Raelynn Pendleton. A recent divorcee she is attempting to fit in in a small town full of seemingly small minds for the most part. Being divorced is definitely not seen with favour. Raelynn lives in a boarding house with one small room and works at the local equivalent of a grocery store. When she unexpectedly inherits a Victorian home with the death of a regular customer and somewhat friend. With a little TLC and some trash to treasure make overs (instructions included in the story!) she is well on her way to a home and a business… a hotel!

How else can a girl with little to no experience make a living and still manage to support such a large and potentially beautiful home? (be it ever so dated… for now). With a murder in the backyard, a cranky neighbour, a town against her and a hot sheriff in her sights, Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel has Raelynn hopping! There is romance, a cozy mystery and instructions on how you too can create treasures out of trash. Definitely a fun first in a series.

But here’s the minor criticisms… I do have to admit I would have loved a bit more storyline with the sheriff. I was confused about how at one point she met him WITH her ex but at another he says he lost her TO her ex BUT there is enough going on to keep my interest. Definitely not a town I would personally want to visit or live in when you figure in how instantly the town turned against anyone new… or remotely new for that matter.

The main character is off in fantasy world every time the sheriff walks in the room (which was not frequently enough for my liking within the storyline and relationship progression). The flavour of the author is there but this is definitely not my favourite first in a series of hers. So if you can’t quite get into this one do try her other books! Her author site is right HERE. Good luck!

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