Like the name suggests, this dinosaur was found in Argentina. From the Cretaceous period, this herbivore could be one of the largest land animals ever discovered to date. Discovered in 1993 it is believed that with its massive size it would have spent most of its time eating and with its long neck would be able to reach vegetation most other dinosaurs could not.

We had two videos. The I’m a Dinosaur embedded below AND the BBC site with its videos you can watch THERE.

Definitely a dinosaur of interest with its massive vertebrae and gargantuan size! So we used the following links to learn more… There is the EnchantedLearning fact sheet HERE. A Hawaiian site has a short bit about our dinosaur HERE. has their page HERE. has their charts and map HERE. The Natural History Museum has a great picture HERE of the dinosaur. Scholastic has a picture of the vertebrae being discovered HERE. And of course Wiki has their say HERE. Our colouring page is again from the amazing artist from deviantArt Zakafreakarama HERE. Be sure to check out his profile HERE.


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