An ostrich like dinosaur, the Struthiomimus was a fleet footed beaked Cretaceous period omnivore. Found in western North America, it is a flightless bird like creature and quite the curiosity. Considered one of the fastest of the dinosaurs this ostrich-mimic has been found as a completed fossil in entirety.

Now for the videos!!! First we have a recounting of finding a complete Struthiomimus skeleton.

The second video is a 3D dinosaur video of our dinosaur entitled 3D Dinosaur Adventure – Struthoimimus.

Now for the link list!

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  • Animal Planet HERE
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  • The National Dinosaur Museum HERE
  • Online Dinosaur Museum HERE
  • Land Before Time Wiki HERE
  • Wikipedia HERE
  • Our colouring page Raising Our Kids HEREphoto (82)

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