Reflecting on “If You Walk Out of Your Panties…”

I was reading a blog entry on Baddest Mother Ever about advice she received from her grandmother… the key piece of advice that she was given really caught my attention:

“If you ever walk out of your panties, just keep walking.”

Now I am sure some of you are already confused, others laughing your heads off… but it is some excellent advice. Especially when you take it from a particular situation and into life in general. See, back in the time of our grandmothers elastic was less… reliable… apparently (according to this post) at times the elastic could fail and all of a sudden things would get… drafty. So what are you to do? Stop and pick up those panties or keep on walking? Why keep on walking of course… those are no longer YOUR panties…

There is something so wise in this idea of letting go and going on… how huge is losing your panties to you versus the rest of the world? If you were to stop so many more would notice, the embarrassment would mount… but if you left them there, on the pavement and moved on… why one or two people MAY see it but who are they in the grand scheme of things? Let’s take a look at the examples our amazing blogging momma has to share with us:

  • Do you have a cheating husband?  Girl, he has walked out of your panties, so just keep walking.
  • Have you been eating right and exercising?  Hey!  You walked out of your panties!  Keep walking!
  • Are you breaking free of the bonds of appropriateness and embracing authenticity?  Sister, it’s time to walk out of those panties.
  • Is it time to leave the past behind?  Walk out of your panties and keeeeeeeep walking.

Sometimes those accidental changes are for the better. Sometimes we need to stop with the worry and keep on going. Things that seem huge and calamitous to us personally, are diminished by simply moving on. Leave that garbage, the bad feelings, the negativity on the ground with those panties and find new opportunities.

We may not have dicey elastics on our underwear, and skirts that would allow said issue to become a reality on a daily basis but the advice is sound. When things go wrong what do you do? Walking out of your panties, to me, means that you acknowledge in your heart and mind that something has occurred and then you continue on… Let those bad moments become a memory, relegate them to the small and realistic level of calamity that they truly are and become that better, confident person.

Grandmama Irene has more than just this one gem in the post… but I think that out of all the advice… to keep on walking is the one I want my girls to really and truly remember. Let’s put change and negativity where it belongs… dealt with and left behind like those pesky panties with their faulty elastic!

Keep on walking

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