Making the Most of a Weekend

April 13-14

Now we are definitely making our April weekends count! This whole Ken working outside the house (mostly but at the very least 5 solid days of work a week) is an adjustment for our family but we are coping well I think! Anyway… another weekend, another 2 days of activity.

Saturday was a rather special day… with Anthony being so ill during his birthday and the week after Darcy took Saturday to plan a surprise party. It was almost derailed by a reaction to his antibiotics. Thankfully Benedryl and the quitting of the meds seemed to start a slow but steady recovery. Anyway, we were part of the master plan.

Pouter’s corner…

After running our errands we went to the local to the Novaks McDonalds for a super special lunch out. We so rarely do this in restaurant and I still can’t get over that with the 1.00 large pops and lower price on nuggets we were able to feed the whole family for just under 14.00.


Then it was onto the Novak’s house and time for some careful espionage. Ken was in charge of removing the birthday boy for a few hours, first to Andy’s shop and then some random shopping. Without his usual energy they certainly kept it tame but Ken really enjoyed some one on one time with our god son.

John and Maggie, Andy’s parents came with their grandson Kyle to make dinner… lasagna and spaghetti…

and Darcy and I did the decorations…


The basement

Silly String

Snack table

Then the kids all ambushed him at the door with balloons. I think he was a little surprised…

Laying in wait


BUT the real surprise was when his friends started trickling in after dinner! He was so shocked. The big kids (Andrew was  gone to a different party) then went to the basement and the rest of us stayed up here.

We had cake of course, all together.


And opened presents…


But then the rest of us hung out, played, gamed and generally relaxed. After the last of the friends went home we stayed even later to spend some time with Anthony. We honestly did not get home until midnight! It was such a great day!

Such gamers

Our birthday boy (sorry about the glasses… contacts at the end of the month!!)

Sunday was an at home day for the kids… absolutely filled with Minecraft play… the real fun (in my mind) was on my side with my weekly dose of baby! Yup, fun with Lily and Bree!!!

Mommy and Baby

We had our first outing with Bree back behind the wheel to Target… of course I had to take pictures!!

On outing

And then drive through Caribou…

Fancy coffee… I so spoiled

Bree is taking the position of lead bad influence on me since our move … so sinful! We sat, chatted, breast fed (well they did), pumped (again NOT me), and had PIZZA together…


Oh and took MORE pictures…

Little Dolly

Sleepy baby

And made KEN take a picture when he came to visit… whee.

With Uncle Ken

Babies, Birthdays and all things good this weekend! What a joy! And what a LOT of pictures.. Overflow can be accessed HERE. But for now…¬†


Slightly fuzzy but who doesn’t want to end on a smile?

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