A Busy Weekend Overflow

A Surprise Birthday Party AND a baby Lily visit means… pictures galore! Enjoy the¬†accompanying overflow to the Weekend Post.

Pretty ponies

Bitty Baby




Red balloon

Great variety of colours on the baloons

The birthday boy

Discussing Echo’s balloon with her

Minecraft corner

I do love Snoopy! So enjoy the special pics… 3 this time!


Watching tv

Seriously they do LOVE their electronics

Tuckered out

Mommy’s turn

Even Uncle Andy got in on it

Cake and kids

Ice cream cake

Not quite enough tables and chairs

Fast asleep ON the teddy bear UNDER the Angry Birds blanket


Post cake face

And now for the baby visit. Whew, if you are still here I am very appreciative!!!


Yawny faces are AWESOMMMMEEEE

But so are ANY pics of Lily

Boobs are the best place to prop you know… all warm and squishy

I gots my snuggles

…And back to sleep

I could just go on and on and on… but I ran out of pictures!!!

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