May Begins in a Rainy/Snowy Mess

May 1-3

A new month begun and spring is… well I am told it is here but the weather is simply NOT working in our favour.

That did not stop garden progress though!

We had THREE Wild Kratts to enjoy!!!


Bird of Paradise


It was the first of the month so time to get our May poster put together!


And on our fact hunt about penguins realized that they can go up to 4 months without food, and are actually classified as seabirds, though unlike other birds their bones are dense and heavy instead of hollow… thus the amazing speeds in water! Penguins by Lynn M. Stone has been a great resource.


Our Thursday dinosaur was inspired by a library book: Neovenator and other Dinosaurs of Europe by Dougal Dixon. We have already had to move our dinosaurs from a small binder to a D ring!

Our Book

Monday’s had our intrepid learners drawing their favourite dinosaurs. Trinity had to have some help but we are working on getting her outside of the kitty and girl box.


Gavin created us a little diorama style Lego scene… penguins, scientist, fish (gray) and even more interestingly – krill (pinky red bits).


I love it that from time to time we are even having some moments of silence and contentment WITH electronics in play!

Together quietly

We had a series of interesting drawing suggestions from Art for Kids as well – all about ROBOTS!! The boys worked together to complete them all and made a rather interesting robot selection.


Mr. Popper and his penguins started in Seattle so we had to take a look at a tourist video (that honestly they were not as enthused about as I would hope but loved parts of) and see what there is to see in Seattle NOW.

We ended the week with less than favourable weather… so I pulled all the stops for lunch – hot chocolate, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches!!


Our dinosaurs ended the week as a marathon event of free (with Amazon Prime) season 1 episodes from Dinosaur Train alternating with schoolwork accomplished. Emanuel worked on a lovely full page scene.

Quite the well thought out scene

We created our own advertisements for portions of Mr. Popper’s Penguins!


And then for supper, the kids helped me make pizzas.

Kid assisted dinner

It was a rather good 3 days leading into what was going to be a busy busy weekend.


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