Utter Adorbs

I could not choose just a picture or two so sit back, wait for the excessive images to load and check out the absolute cuteness that is my sweet American Baby.

I really want to try and get her sleepy and do some adorable diapered baby pictures

In the diaper cover I made for her. I need to alter the pattern to be bigger for later!

You can find the pattern for the diaper cover HERE. I made it a little longer and used 3 buttons for adjusting purposes. 

Look at the adorable baby rolls

Smiles now.. SMILES

Smirks too

She just has the most expressive face

And now to add in the bow!


But at the same time… grrrrrrrrr

No, seriously enough with the bow!!!

Swap the bow for the sweater… my first ever piece of clothing. Though I need to work on getting a better picture

Now you can find the pattern for this sweet piece HERE.

I just love baby feet and hands

Asleep in my lap

Diaper change time

Call me…

Seriously, any time


Bottle time… ever rarer, well done Mommy!



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