Say Hello To Sailor Moon and Other Pictorial Fun

May 4-5

Another weekend another busy 2 days! And I am most certainly NOT complaining! So starting with Saturday… it was a rather special day. FREE COMIC DAY! Oh and the 4th of May (May the Forth Be With You… har har Star Wars… Har Har). We lucked out and earlier in the week got a postcard from the Source (the best comic/gaming store in the state) with all the information.

Our adult bag… sounds awful, but they had kids and adults divided…

Getting to the back of the store


So we planned in advance and met up with a childhood friend of Ken’s recently in the process of moving back to Minnesota from New Mexico, Matt. His twins who are almost 4 are also in state but they were napping so he came solo.

Ok you can JUST see the side of Matt’s face sorry

They had free comics (of course), pop and chips… oh and people all over in cosplay… everyone from Santa to Batman to WonderWoman… oh and SAILOR MOON! So of course ┬áTrinity had to have her picture taken with her!

Sailor Moon!

Iron Patriot

We took random pictures, shopped around… and got a boardgame for Ken and the kids to play… this one is a cooperative.

The kids’ stash (repeats but lots to enjoy)

Of course before we went there it was the first Saturday of the month AND Trinity’s first full month as a 5 year old we had Home Depot to enjoy first! No aprons to take home for Trinity but the guys will go earlier next month.

She DID get her first pin!

Plant Pot holders

Sunday was originally going to be Ken’s first soccer game of the beer league… BUT He ended up sick so I lucked out and got another Sunday out with Bree… Lily… AND Quinn!!! Perfect timing as Bree ended up with a car issue that meant she needed to go drop her car at the mechanics. So she was able to do that and have her inlaws drop her back at home while I hung out with the kids. As I am sure you can imagine I was NOT complaining.

My tiny charge

My able assistant

Of course this meant I was there with my CAMERA! Quinn is an avid photographer and photo subject when it comes to me and my camera. He helped me take a few… and also starred in a few himself.




And in balloon form

Add in tummy time images…


So many smiles today

Just general cuteness…

Babies love these bag sleepers but man do they ride up!

What a face

And a moment of milk drunk sleep…

Full tummy

It was a brilliant day… and with no car there was nothing to do but walk to the nearby DQ. Such a new thing for me… they only had hotdogs! Yummy though. So we packed the kids and the camera and headed out to enjoy the day.

In the carseat and ready to go into the stroller

Quite an interesting neighbourhood

The beauties themselves

Seriously a quirky neighbourhood… love this mailbox

We had a bath snuck in amongst the random fun… apparently sink washes are NOT fun, especially when mommy gets the idea of using the sprayer! Oops!

Seriously Aunty, put the camera down and SAVE ME

That left us the rest of the afternoon to hang out, visit, watch Perry the Platypus and take a boatload of pictures! There WILL be an overflow!!

Baby! Note the bracelet that was a gift from the nextdoor neighbours

Shhh you will just have to check back to see the rest

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