MidWay in Retrospect

So sorry this took so long… videos are apparently harder to upload for us since some youTube update occurred. Sorry for the delay!!!

May 8-10

Mid week and our 3rd walk… though my battery died early on in our play time we did run and draw and hear a woodpecker! It was supposed to rain but instead remained rather hot and overcast for the whole day.

Helpful siblings

A pretty big success… in an hour Ken’s mom managed to teach Zander to tie his shoes! I simply could not sit behind him and do it right handed so was having all sorts of issues teaching him myself.

All 3 days was a bit of a mad rush to make Mother’s Day cards… Trinity AND Echo each have two GodMommies, we have 3 Grandmas and one Great… add in the boys’ 3 GodMommies and that is A LOT of cards. Art for Kids came out with a how to draw bees and the boys thought they were perfect for cards… Bee-cause we love you!


More cards

We have made ourselves some Photo Tulips from Activity Village HERE. Pictures to follow eventually… gotta get those pictures printed to glue in them.

We snuck in some puzzle time.

A bit of a tricky puzzle with its hologram shimmer

And Trinity returned to her first lapbook story to tell and retell it to any and all who would listen!

Are You My Mother?

The weather on Thursday was not walk worthy so we were busy with books and more. The dino of the day was a book instead of a specific dinosaur. A rather gruesome in a not so realistic way, book… Dino-Dinners by Mick Manning. Emanuel made a beautiful picture using more than a few of  the included dinosaurs.


Our Mother’s Day themed book was The Mother’s Day Mice by Eve Bunting. The kids made pictures from the story using their fingerprints…


When the weather doesn’t work in our favour the creativity really comes out. Echo and Emanuel worked together to create themselves a substantial and impressive tower.


And then Emanuel branched out in a solo endeavor and made a man.

Block Man

The twins made an acrostic poem using the word Mother! Very creative joint venture.


And then we filled the bathroom sink and had our first trial run with our plastic egg and popsicle stick boat. We hope to make a few more all to test at a lake.

Test time

Friday we added in some cleaning for our schoolwork before Trinity’s party. Zander did an amazing job on the bathroom! But first we had our walk. It was a bit of a chilly morning so we wandered the neighbourhood instead of heading to the park. There is an amazing flowering tree on our street.


One of the bike paths (we miss our sidewalks)

We had a very exciting completion – Trinity is officially done her FIRST lapbook – Are You My Mother? was a huge success!!! I am so proud of her. We are going to pick another book for next month, and then go from there.

Well done Miss T!

Reading the book to her sister

We made the tissue paper flowers the little girl in the story made her mother in the book Mother’s Day by Anne Rockwell.


The afternoon warmed up nicely and with Daddy home sick we took our noisy selves back outside to play and run and burn some energy before dinner and bed!

Back out in the sun

Need a bigger soccerball!

We had a movie from the library that included a Dora Mother’s Day episode… Food With Friends.

With a freshly cleaned Fat Sheep as well!

What a lovely week, spring is REALLY here… time to enjoy it!

Such characters

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